Bedroom lamps choose lighting style

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Bedroom lamps choose lighting style

Abstract: bedroom lighting style and selection will also affect the effect of the overall space. There are three types of lighting lamps and lanterns in the bedroom: quiet and comfortable type, luxurious style and modern avant-garde type; in the bedroom, four local lighting facilities including Desk lighting, reading lighting, dressing lighting and sofa reading lighting must be considered.

Bedroom is mainly a place for sleep and rest, sometimes restricted by living conditions, but also used for work or close talk with relatives and friends. Bedroom lighting is mainly composed of general lighting and local lighting.

一. General lighting of bedroom

The general lighting atmosphere of the bedroom should be quiet, warm, pleasant, soft and comfortable. Those shining, colorful lamps and lanterns should not be installed in the bedroom. Because the host's age, culture, hobbies are different, the views and standards of comfort and warmth will be different, and the requirements of bedroom lighting style are also different.

At present, the popular styles of bedroom lighting are as follows:

1. Quiet and comfortable

This is the main trend of contemporary bedroom lighting. The scheme adopted is various: you can choose the simple model of the square led ceiling light, the opal color light emitted by the ceiling lamp is matched with the light color wall of the bedroom, which is pure; you can use the eaves lighting to make the light reflect through the ceiling or the wall, which is very soft and pleasant; you can also install the embedded ceiling lamp, match the folk wall lamp, so that the direct light of "all over the sky" and the "hazy" auxiliary light complement each other Elegant and warm.

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2. Luxury style

Show the host's financial and identity, using high-grade materials, high-grade lighting and interior luxury decoration to match. Such as gold candle lighting with Baroque style furniture, can show the French court atmosphere, brilliant, brilliant. If the high-grade mahogany lamps and lanterns with exquisite workmanship, exquisite materials and exquisite modeling are used, together with the ancient and simple mahogany furniture, the bearing is extraordinary, showing the host's strong national sentiment and economic strength.

3. Modern avant-garde

In pursuit of freedom and randomness, Chengdu's novel lamps and lanterns break through the traditional concept and embody the advanced consciousness by blending geometric figures and lines. The wall lamp can be triangular, rhombic, or irregular shape; the desk lamp on the table can be semicircular, straight-line graphic; the spotlight has edges and corners, black and white; the floor lamp stretches out its arms like a bird, everything appears simple and chic, giving people surprise and surprise. With simple lines of bedroom furniture, show the generation of unique interest pursuit. Because the bedroom often has two major functions of rest and work, low illumination is needed when resting and enough illumination is needed when working. In order to meet the requirements of two kinds of lighting functions, two ways can be adopted: one is to install a height regulator to control the brightness of the lamp; the other is to control the opening and closing of various indoor lamps, and determine the number of lights to be turned on according to the needs.

二. Local lighting in the bedroom

Local lighting facilities must be considered in the bedroom, mainly including:

1. Desk lighting. When the illuminance value is above 300lx, writing desk lamp is generally used for lighting.

2. Reading lighting. Many people like to lean on the bedside shelf before going to bed, so they should consider using desk lamp or wall lamp for lighting. The lamp is characterized by its mobility and flexibility. The lamp itself is a work of art, which can give people the enjoyment of beauty. Through the lampshade, the lamp can draw beautiful dynamic lines on the wall. The advantage of wall lamp is through the reflection of the wall light, can make the light soft.

3. Make up lighting. The illuminance should be above 300lx. The dressing makeup room mirror lights usually adopts the thermal lamp. The light source should be incandescent lamp or tricolor fluorescent lamp. The lamp should be installed above the mirror and be outside the 60 degree solid angle of the field of vision to avoid glare.

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4. Sofa reading lighting, often using floor lamp lighting. It needs to be specially pointed out that since the electric light source in the lighting is hot and charged, from the safety point of view, the lamps installed in the children's bedroom must have a certain height, so that children can not directly touch the light source, and it is not suitable to install portable lamps such as desk lamps in children's bedrooms.