How to choose and buy living room lamps

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How to choose and buy living room lamps ?

Abstract: in modern home decoration, the role of lamps and lanterns can not be ignored, it is not only used for lighting, more people regard lighting as a kind of strengthening the home atmosphere, embellishment of home furnishings, various kinds of lamps and lanterns on the market, what do we need to pay attention to when selecting lamps and lanterns? Let's introduce them to you one by one.

How to choose the lamps and lanterns in the living room

1. Living room lamp choice method one: what kind of living room is suitable for lamps and lanterns

In the family, the living room is the main place for relaxation and communication, and also the main room for receiving guests. So the accessories of lighting are equally important, just like other aspects of decoration. If the living room is more spacious, the living room area reaches more than 20 square meters, you can choose the hanging lamp lighting of the living room with novel appearance, luxurious modeling and different styles. But if the living room area is below 2O square meters, it is more suitable to use ceiling lamp. If the floor height is more than 2.5 meters, it is also suitable to install blown glass chandelier.

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2. Living room lamp choice method 2: consider the color problem of light

According to the theme of their living room tone, is warm or cold, choose the light of the cold and warm.

3. Living room lamp choice method 3: consider the effect of lighting

That is, according to the whole space size of the living room and the power of lamps and lanterns to determine how many lights your living room needs to make the living room bright. The dark corner of living room can consider to use floor lamp or wall lamp to have adornment effect.

4. Living room lamp choice method 4: lamp shape

First of all, the shape of lamps and lanterns must be coordinated with the size and style of the living room. Secondly, we should strive to be elegant and avoid luxury. The living room in the house is equivalent to a person's face. If the lamps and lanterns are chosen too insipid, it will make people feel shabby. If it is too luxurious, it will definitely cause invisible pressure on visitors and can't let go.

5. Living room lamp choice method 5: the height of living room should match lamps and lanterns well

If your living room is higher, you can choose the large chandelier with upward lighting, and you should also keep a certain space between the lamps and the upper part, so as to narrow the light and shade gap of the space. If your living room is low, you can choose the round LED ceiling light and floor lamps, so the living room will appear more lively and generous, very modern art flavor.

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6. Living room lamp choice method 6: consider lamp style

If your lamps and lanterns are not related to the decoration style of your home, you will feel that the lamps and lanterns become incompatible all day long, which will also affect your mood and so on.