How to choose home decoration lamps(一)

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How to choose home decoration lamps (一) ?

The importance of lamps and lanterns for home environment is self-evident. It can not only illuminate the space, but also create a good family atmosphere. But in the choice of household lamps and lanterns, the more bright the better, the choice of different space lamps and lanterns is exquisite. So, what lamps and lanterns should be chosen for home decoration? How to choose lamps and lanterns? Now, let's share the purchasing strategies of lamps in different spaces, as well as the matching skills of lamps in different spaces. Let's have a look!

1. Living room lamp

Lighting requirements: the overall lighting of the living room should be relatively bright and solemn. If the living room and dining room are open, then the lighting effect of high contrast color may be better. In the corner of the living room, you can choose some lamps and lanterns for supplementary lighting.

Matching skills: the living room lamps and lanterns should be in line with the style of the living room. If it is European style home furnishing, then choose the blown glass chandelier or crystal chandelier lamp collocation; Chinese style, you can choose the round chandelier collocation; the American rural style, then the lamps and lanterns can not be too fancy and gorgeous.

Purchase key points: 1, the lamps and lanterns of the living room should be beautiful and generous, and should match the overall style of the living room, usually choose the lamps and lanterns with beautiful atmosphere. 2. According to the height and size of the living room, choose suitable lamps and lanterns. If the floor is less than 2.6 meters, it is not suitable to use gorgeous chandeliers. If the living room is larger, it is better to choose scattering lamps.

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2. Bedroom lighting

Lighting requirements: the bedroom is a place to rest, so the lighting in the bedroom should be relatively soft and comfortable. The light should not be too strong or too white. Try to be close to the natural light. The color of the light should be warm and warm, warm and warm or medium tone.

Collocation skill: quiet and comfortable bedroom, you can choose the simple square led ceiling light collocation, and the opal color light emitted by it matches with the light color wall of the bedroom. In addition to the main lamp, can be installed in the desk, bedside table lamp, wall lamp and other collocation, in order to facilitate reading, dressing.

Purchase points: 1, try to choose bright but not dazzling lamps, to avoid glare light makes the eyes feel uncomfortable, thus affecting the rest; 2, bedroom lamps and lanterns should be simple and appropriate, the color should be relatively mild, and it is best not to be too strong and bright; 3, the bedside lamp and desk lamp in the bedroom are suggested to choose those that can adjust the brightness and height, so as to prevent shadow from affecting reading.

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3. Restaurant lighting

Lighting requirements: the lighting of the restaurant is generally relatively bright and soft. The bright light has a good shaping effect on the lively atmosphere, which can increase the fun of dining. At the same time, the soft light can also make a good "processing" of the food, which makes people have a big appetite.

Collocation skills: the color and shape of the dining room lamp should be coordinated with the decoration design of the dining room, such as glass material and simple dining table. The chandelier with glass and stainless steel lampshade is the most appropriate; if the dining room is connected with the living room, you can choose the interlinked lighting.

Purchase points: 1, if the restaurant is more spacious, you can choose the chandelier as the main light source, and then with the wall lamp as the auxiliary light source; 2, the light should be able to create a dining atmosphere, the light should not be too dazzling, it is recommended to choose a more warm color lamps; 3, but if the decoration environment is all warm color style, choose white light lamps and lanterns.