How to choose home decoration lamps(二)

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How to choose home decoration lamps(二)

The importance of lamps and lanterns for home environment is self-evident. It can not only illuminate the space, but also create a good family atmosphere. But in the choice of household lamps and lanterns, the more bright the better, the choice of different space lamps and lanterns is exquisite. So, what lamps and lanterns should be chosen for home decoration? How to choose lamps and lanterns? Now, let's share the purchasing strategies of lamps in different spaces, as well as the matching skills of lamps in different spaces. Let's have a look!

1. Study lamp

Lighting requirements: the study is a place for reading and writing. The most important thing of lighting is to protect your eyesight. The lighting color of the study should be bright and soft, and the light's luster should be cold tone, which helps to shape a peaceful mood. The round LED ceiling light is your good choose.

Matching skills: reading in front of the desk, only a brief introduction of lighting is not enough, it is best to place a desk lamp at the corner of the table, or set a pendant lamp directly above for key lighting. Can be placed in the ceiling around the shadow of the light source, so that can set off the calm atmosphere of the study.

Purchase points: 1. It is recommended to choose the round and moderate size lamps, which can make people feel comfortable and relaxed, and can make people read and work peacefully; 2. In order to adapt to learning and other needs, it is best to choose direct beam desk lamp with reflector and lower opening; 3. In order to protect eyesight, the best choice for desk lamp is 60 watt incandescent lamp.

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2. Kitchen and bathroom lamps

Lighting requirements: the lighting radiation range of kitchen and bathroom lamps should be able to cover the kitchen, cabinet, mirror and other corners, the main lighting can provide comprehensive and uniform lighting for the kitchen and toilet space, and the layout of local lighting can facilitate cooking operation and daily washing.

Collocation skill: the lamps and lanterns of kitchen and bathroom should be based on conciseness, and too many lamps should not be installed; in order to avoid dim light during cooking and washing, you can choose to install lamps and lanterns under the wall cabinet, install the front mirror lamp in front of the mirror or install the light belt on both sides or the top tube around the mirror.

Purchase key points: 1. The water vapor in the kitchen and bathroom space is relatively large, so it is recommended to choose lamps with moisture-proof function; 2. The kitchen is a relatively serious area of lampblack, and it is recommended to choose lamps with anti oil stain and convenient cleaning; 3. The brightness of kitchen and bathroom lamps should be moderate, too bright is easy to damage, and too dark is not easy to operate.

3. Balcony lamp

Lighting requirements: balcony corridor lighting is best warm color temperature, can not only ordinary lighting, but also meet the privacy of the space, the outdoor lighting of the balcony, the atmosphere needed should not be too bright, the luminosity should prevent glare, avoid bringing visual discomfort to others.

Collocation skill: in order to prevent balcony clothes from blocking the light of lamps and lanterns, you can choose to install the lifting clothes rack on the balcony. The balcony of aestheticism wind, so the chandelier with retro tone carries on the decoration; the open balcony, matches with the simple traditional wall lights, this kind of decoration effect is more soft and beautiful.

Purchase points: balcony usually can not avoid the sun's exposure, so buy Lamps and lanterns to ensure its sunscreen, avoid burst because of exposure; in addition to direct sunlight, the invasion of rain can not be ignored, so balcony lamps should choose better waterproof performance, in order to prevent water and affect the circuit, you can also buy some of the better permeability lampshade, in order to prevent rain invasion .

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4. Corridor lighting

Lighting requirements: in order to avoid the danger and accident caused by dark and unclear road conditions, the corridor lighting should be full of light and high brightness, and at the same time, it should avoid dazzling people's eyes, and the lighting should be relatively soft.

Collocation skill: the lamps and lanterns in the corridor should be installed at the entrance and exit of the room, the closet, especially the starting position of the stairs; when designing the layout of the corridor, you can choose to configure the spotlight on the wall or cabinet of the corridor porch, so as to make the hall feel broad.

Key points of purchase: 1. Corridor is the passage for walking and carrying goods, so it is necessary to ensure sufficient illumination and brightness. It is suggested to provide a main lamp or a main lamp plus several auxiliary lamps according to the depth and width of the corridor to ensure the brightness; 2. The lighting decoration in the corridor does not need to be too complicated and gorgeous, and decorative lamps such as spotlight and downlight are recommended; 3. The color temperature of lamps and lanterns should be warm.