Collocation skills of American lamps

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Collocation skills of American lamps 

Abstract: American lamps and lanterns pay attention to classical feelings, but the style and modeling are relatively simple, simple and generous in appearance, and pay more attention to leisure and comfort. So how to match American style lamps and lanterns?

Matching skills of American style lamps and lanterns

First of all, it must be our living room. When it comes to the living room, many people will say that according to the floor height, the living room area, etc. In fact, there's nothing wrong with that. It's important to match the size. But today we mainly talk about the matching of color and style. If the living room is relatively small, the decoration should not be too complex, try to choose a simple collocation, looks simple, generous, visual can give you a living room is not small feeling, then the living room lamp, is to pursue the simple beauty, the small living room has not too much decoration, the American style living room lamp is a big decorative highlight naturally. The color collocation is very important, the general living room chooses the warm color department's comparison versatile, the light also had better be warm white light, so the light is soft, the living room also sets off the more warm. The blown glass chandelier is a good choose.

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Then is the bedroom, the bedroom, you can choose and the living room of the same series, choose small specifications, if the room is larger, you can match some auxiliary lights, such as small wall lamp, bedside table lamp can be. Bedroom to choose to help sleep, the natural light can not be too dazzling, to partial soft, can also be a little dark. The color of the lamp and the color of the wardrobe can be the same color system, which makes it more holistic.

Next is the dining room. The lights in the dining room pay attention to the atmosphere. When we choose American style dining chandeliers, we can choose small chandeliers with lampshade down. Fpr example, modern industrial chandelier. The color of the dining chandelier can choose some yellow retro effect, or American idyllic dining chandelier, the light does not need to be too bright, warm yellow light is a good choice, I believe to give you the whole dining time to add another feeling!

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