How to decorate the curtain string lights

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How to decorate the curtain string lights?

Abstract: curtain string lights, as soon as people hear the name, will think that it is a lamp hanging on the curtain. In fact, the real curtain string lights are a series of lamps composed of many small bulbs. In the evening, it will emit a lot of brilliant light, which is very beautiful. It is very helpful to create a home atmosphere. So, where are the curtain string lights installed?

Curtain string lights as a decorative light bulb, its practical collocation is very strong, basically any small space as long as reasonable curtain lamp can dress up a romantic feeling. Next, let's introduce the curtain string lights.

一、 What are a curtain string lights

Curtain string lights are mainly composed of lamp string and fixed hook; lamp string is connected with light bulb and electric wire; fixed hook is an accessory with clamping slot and hook, and hook is formed above the clamping groove.

According to a certain shape, the wires on the lamp string can be fixed in the cable slot, so as to assemble various types of curtain lamps. When in use, the whole curtain lamp is hung on the frame of the door and window by means of the light bulb on the lamp string to realize the effect of dressing up doors and windows.

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二、 Application of led curtain string lights

1. Decorating the bedroom

Curtain string lights are generally made up of small light strings with different colors, so you can change a lot of shapes and decorate them in all aspects. You can choose a part of curtain light string, hang on both sides of the curtain in the bedroom and on both sides of the door of the bedroom room. The ceiling can also be matched with some romantic patterns. The light should be soft, so that the light will be bright when the night comes It must be beautiful when I get up.

2. Decorative bed

If the bed in the bedroom is a bed column or bed curtain can be operated, the curtain and bed curtain have the same effect, so the small lamp strings of curtain string lights are all hung on the bed curtain or bed curtain to match, or directly act as the bed curtain, turn on the light at night, just like a waterfall.

3. Decorative wall

Curtain string lights can also be used to decorate the wall, not only simply hanging on the wall as decoration, but also with some murals or room structure to decorate, and even the lamp string can be combined into a pattern or letter, which is not only convenient to operate, but also very innovative.

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4. Decorative windows

Using led curtain string lights decorate the window are its main function, but the new method will certainly not be ordinary decoration. It can not only decorate on the window frame, but also get rid of the curtain to use independently. It can even sew special patterns on the curtain, and beautiful patterns will appear when the curtain is pulled at night.

5. Decoration goods

Whether there are several kinds of things in the home that can't be used at ordinary times and are not very good-looking. The key is that they can't be lacked. This kind of articles are often very disharmonious and even eye-catching in the space. Therefore, led curtain string lights can be used to decorate them and wrap around them to create different scenery. For example, some toys can also be decorated.

6. Decorated balcony

Monotonous balcony also can be very romantic, the curtain window string lights that chooses Pentagram shape decorates in balcony side, or balcony plant, such balcony is very distinctive.