Difference of different crystal chandeliers

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Difference of different crystal chandeliers 

Crystal lighting originated in Europe in the mid-17th century. At that time, Europeans were especially eager to pursue gorgeous and bright articles and decorations, and crystal lighting came into being and was very popular. Crystal lamp is loved and purchased by many consumers because it can bring elegant and fashionable atmosphere to the room. The common crystal lamp styles include modern Chinese crystal lamp, European crystal lamp, simple crystal lamp, American country crystal lamp and post-modern crystal lamp.

The modern crystal chandelier has the modern Chinese style design, at the same time has to the traditional lamp decoration style, the modern crystal lamp may say is the tradition and the modern organic combination.

European style crystal chandelier is not only luxurious atmosphere, more comfortable and romantic, but also pays attention to symmetrical space aesthetic feeling. Through the perfect classic line, the meticulous processing, bring the family endless comfortable touch.

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The difference between European crystal chandelier and modern crystal chandelier:

1、In terms of style: modern crystal lamp belongs to low-voltage lamp, the style is mostly ceiling lamp or ceiling lamp, the light source is generally with LED and transformer, the overall feeling is relatively fresh and simple, and the modern sense is relatively strong; the European crystal lamp is mainly a branch chandelier, the shape is more complex and changeable, the whole lamp structure is more elegant, the line is more beautiful, with strong European Romanticism, in the match with the police Bright crystal pendant, when the light is on, the whole room is full of light, bright and bright, the lamp head is often E14, the light source can use ordinary candle bubble or led candle bubble, to create a warm and warm bedroom.

2、In terms of style: modern crystal lamp is more simple and fashionable, while European crystal lamp is more retro luxury. The former is suitable for simple modern style of simple decoration, while the latter is more suitable for European style decoration atmosphere.

3、In terms of materials: the materials used by the two are also different. Modern crystal lamps are low-pressure crystal lamps. The material of the chassis is mostly made of stainless steel, and the main part is crystal. Because the styles of European crystal lamps are more complex and changeable, they often use iron, glass tube, zinc alloy, copper and other materials. After artificial bending, the lamp body is finally made, and then it is matched with high-quality crystal Pendant, an elegant European crystal lamp is ready.

4、In terms of Technology: the main need of modern crystal lamp processing is the chassis. The stainless steel of the chassis needs to be cut to make the desired shape and effect, while the process of European crystal lamp is much more complex. Take iron as an example, starting from the purchased raw material iron pipe, it needs bending, welding, grinding, polishing, pickling, phosphating, baking / electroplating, assembly, etc A series of techniques can make a high quality European crystal lamp. From the point of view of the steps taken, they are quite different from modern crystal lamps.

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Generally speaking, European crystal chandelier and modern crystal chandelier belong to different style types, and the environmental requirements for home are also different. The decoration effect is also unique and irreplaceable. As long as you select lamps and lanterns according to the decoration style of the house, you will have unexpected decoration effect.