Dining room chandeliers modern full of style of light and shadow world

Dining room chandeliers modern full of style of light and shadow world

Dining room chandeliers modern, the action in contemporary family is illume not just so simple, the adornment action that has in the bedroom sometimes is more important. The artistic effect that an chic lamp acts the role of rises, be no less than an artwork. Creativity lights up your life. If you want to improve your home style and have an interesting and practical home decoration effect, let's take a look at the lighting design guide of creative lamp belt, desk lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, ceiling lamp and pendant lamp to give you a world of light and shadow filled with style.

Dining room chandeliers modern

The role of theDining room chandeliers modern

1. The lamp belt is around the curve of the ceiling, and the bright light is refracted, which can play a role in opening up the space and decorating the space.

2. Cut and bend the lamp belt, and place it in different positions of the bedroom, so that the light extends to the facade lines, which can produce the effect of extension and stretching.

3. Use the difference of height and height to play LED lamp belt on the side of the ceiling, indirect lighting modification, increase the height and three-dimensional sense of space.

How do I use the light belt

1. In a large room, if you want to create a better night atmosphere, you can set the lamp belt along the outer edge of the circular arc of the carpet, and echo the twists and turns of the lamp belt around the side of the cabinet, presenting a final impressive range of home.

2. In the side wall of the crossing road, dig out three long and narrow lamps with equal proportion, and the built-in lamp belt can change the original monotonous white wall. In addition, the lighting function of the lamp belt itself is also very practical, lighting a small area but does not occupy space.

3. Do long and narrow hollowing on the ground below the stairs to make the lamp trough, and place the lamp belt in the meantime to meet the lighting needs of the whole staircase. Simple Settings, eclectic lighting ideas, make the style of the whole space more clear.