How do you decorate house with fairy lights

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How do you decorate house with fairy lights

LED fairy lights are the bread and butter of Christmas decorating: the atmosphere-creating, life-giving backdrop. Fairy lights are tiny string lights usually on a thin, copper wire with small, bright bulbs, and they are fabulous. They make just about anything look magical and can be thrown into more DIYs than you might imagine! Here are 12 creative ways to incorporate fairy lights into some amazing projects.

1. String Picture Display
Got some Polaroids of your family or your squad that you want to display? Stringing led fairy lights across a wall is an unexpected way to display pictures by clipping them along the lights!

2. Lighted Mirror
Your reflection just got a lot more magical. You can drape fairy lights over just about anything to take most objects from bland to bright, and your full-length mirror is no different.

3. Branch Decor
If you’re all about that rustic chic look, then you know that the best piece of decor is right in your backyard: branches. Whether they’re being hung from the ceiling or covered in spay paint, branches are a simple and cheap way to up your decor.
Take things a step further by wrapping branches in fairy lights to make these basic pieces shine.

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4. Wall Accent
A really clean way to highlight a decorative wall is with led fairy lights! Simply stringing a line of lights around a wall is a quick and stylish way to really accent the wall.

5. Light Up Shelves
Feel like a pantry shelf or bookshelf is looking kind of boring in the back? Quickly bring a little light to the situation by hanging fairy lights behind the shelves to fill the empty space.

6. DIY Lantern
We love the look of brass lanterns in decor, especially on the side tables. Now you can make your own lanterns sparkle by filling empty shells with led fairy lights! This cluster of lights will give a magical look to any empty lantern and cast a really unique glow in your home.

7. Unqiue Christmas Tree
This might be a little out of season, but we’re keeping this idea in the back of our minds for when Christmas rolls around again! Rather than drag in a full-blown pine tree, we love the idea of making your OWN tree by nailing branches and ornaments to a wall and lighting the “tree” up with some lovely lights.

8. Lit Staircase
We LOVE this fun use of fairy lights, wrapping them around the posts going up a staircase and really lighting the way upstairs. Great for a sleepover or party, or even as a permanent piece of decor in your home.

9. Outdoor Decor
Like we said, led fairy lights aren’t just for indoors. If you have an outdoor area, a wonderful way to decorate it without going crazy is hanging fairy lights in the trees above. Perfect for a summertime barbecue or bonfire!

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10. Planter Decor
No outdoor space for a garden? Doesn’t mean you can’t add a little bit of green in your home with a hanging planter. Jazz up the planters by nailing them to some recovered wood, and then add little mason jars of fairy lights to make this a true focal point of any room.

11. Light-Up Headboard
One of our favorite fairy light DIYs, this project is going to turn your bedroom into a magical wonderland. Make your own, unique bedroom headboard by hanging strings of fairy lights above your bed!

12. Flowery Decor
What can you possibly make with coffee filters and fairy lights? This amazing string of flowery decor that you can drape over any dresser, vanity, or hang on any wall! This is an incredibly easy project and it comes out looking so cool.