How to clean the led strip lights

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How to clean the led strip lights

Abstract: usually we seldom clean the strip light in the process of using it, and even if it is cleaned, sometimes it is not in place. However, if the strip light is not clean for a long time, it will affect its beauty and even its brightness. So how to clean the strip light? Here are some tips for cleaning the strip light. Vacuum cleaner is preferred for strip light cleaning. It can also be wiped with a wet cloth after power failure. Daily cleaning and maintenance of strip light should pay attention to avoid the use of hard cleaning, regular deep cleaning, clever use of small tools, etc.

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How to clean the led strip lights

Vacuum cleaner is preferred. If there is no vacuum cleaner, if it is a 220 V strip light (wrapped with a layer of glue on the outside) or a lamp tube, you can wipe it with a dry wet cloth after the power is cut off (power off and power off, say important things three times). If it is a bare strip light (12V or 24V is generally exposed), it can not be wiped with a wet cloth. Everything from the safety point of view, electrical things are sometimes really dangerous, so it is best to use a semi dry cloth to clean. In fact, if it's not obvious and does not affect the beauty, you don't need to wipe it. The more you wipe it, the dirtier it will be.

Daily cleaning skills of rgb led strip lights

1. Avoid hard cleaning

When cleaning the strip light, special attention should be paid not to use hard objects and cleaning balls and other tools, because it will leave scratch on the strip light, which will affect the beauty of the strip light.

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2. Regular deep cleaning

It's OK to clean the strip light half a year or even once a year. Deep cleaning should be divided into two times, the first time with a soft cloth stained with water, the second time with clean water to scrub, open the window ventilation natural dry.

3. Use proper force when cleaning

When scrubbing the strip light, the force should be light, so as not to affect the appearance of the strip light.

4. Clever use of small brush

Kitchen strip light is generally easy to be contaminated by oil stains. When cleaning, you can use a brush dipped in cleaning agent, and then wet and wipe it with soft cloth. Pay attention to the lighting circuit not to be stained with water.