How to install led strip light

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How to install led strip light

Abstract: light strip refers to the LED lamp with special processing technology welded on the copper wire or ribbon flexible circuit board, and then connected to the power supply to emit light. It is named because its shape is like a light band. LED strip light because of light, energy-saving, soft, long life, safety and other characteristics, gradually emerged in the decoration industry. The installation of the rgb led strip light is generally very simple, just need 3M glue on the wall behind the dead, or it can be installed in the special card slot. Let's take a look at the details.

In fact, the installation and use of rgb led strip light are very convenient, you can make a very beautiful effect by yourself. The following is about the main installation and use of rgb led strip light.

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1. Indoor installation: when the rgb led strip light is used for interior decoration, it is very simple to install because it does not have to withstand the wind and rain. Take a certain brand of rgb led strip light as an example. Each rgb led strip light is pasted with self-adhesive 3M double-sided adhesive tape. When installing, you can directly tear off the sticker on the surface of 3M double-sided adhesive tape, and then fix the light strip at the place where it needs to be installed and press it flat by hand. As for some places need corner or long how to do? Very simple, LED light strip is a series of three LEDs as a group of circuit structure, each three LEDs can be cut off for separate use.

2. Outdoor installation: the outdoor installation of rgb led strip light will withstand wind and rain. If 3M glue is used to fix it, the adhesive property of 3M will be reduced and the LED light strip will fall off after a long time. Therefore, the outdoor installation often adopts the method of slot fixation. The method of cutting and connecting is the same as that of indoor installation, but waterproof glue is needed to consolidate the waterproof of connection points effect.

3. Pay attention to the connection distance of rgb led strip light: Generally speaking, the longest connection distance of 3528 series rgb led strip light is 20 meters, and that of 5050 series is 15 meters. If this connection distance is exceeded, the rgb led strip light is easy to heat, and the service life of the rgb led strip light will be affected in the process of use. Therefore, the installation must be in accordance with the requirements of the manufacturer, do not let the LED light with overload operation.

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LED strip light installation and use is not very simple. However, there is still a friendly reminder: we must pay attention to the electrical safety when installing the rgb led strip light, which can only be carried out in the case of power failure.

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