How to purchase led light strip

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How to purchase led light strip?

The light strip is more and more popular as a household auxiliary lighting lamp. Basically, families with suspended ceiling will install light strip, which can not only make the overall space more hierarchical, but also save space, so that the light can not see the light, but also save power. Moreover, the color of the light strip is very rich. You can choose according to your own preference. What color is good for the light strip? How to choose the lamp belt suitable for home space? Let's have a look.

How to choose the color of led light strip?

The color of the light strip is rich, which is commonly used in public areas such as parks, courtyards, roads and bridges. Especially during holidays, it can adjust the festival atmosphere very well. But now, with the improvement of people's living standards, it is suitable for living rooms, restaurants and other larger spaces. Achieve the effect of auxiliary lighting, but also increase the indoor home atmosphere.

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There are various colors of light strips, such as white, warm white, blue, yellow, green, warm yellow, red, etc. there are alsolight strips that can be changed at will by remote control, which can be selected according to different needs. The indoor color is suitable for choosing a cooler color, while the outdoor color system can be a little exaggerated.

Living room light strip with color

The living room space is the largest in the home, and as a place for visitors and family leisure, the light strip can assist lighting, generally recommended warm white, this light color is between yellow and white light, the light color is comfortable, the brightness is moderate, the decoration effect is relatively warm. If the light in the living room is not good enough, or the home decoration style is very simple, you can also choose the white light belt. As it is installed on the top of the wall, you must pay attention to fixing the light strip, so as to avoid the light strip falling down or causing leakage.

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Dining room bar light strip with color

As a place to eat, the restaurant is the place with the most temperature. It is suitable for the warm and soft yellow light to make the meal more atmosphere. Some families will design a special bar area. In order to create a romantic and emotional atmosphere, it is suitable to install some color light strips, such as blue. The effect is dreamy and fresh, and it can also highlight the distinctive home decoration style.

Courtyard light strip with color

For the house with its own courtyard, the use of lamps to decorate the courtyard can not only illuminate, but also make the whole look more bright. Generally, there will be plants in the courtyard, and the colorful led light strip can be wrapped around the plants. As it is outdoors, the colors selected can be as bold as possible, such as red, green, purple, etc., so that the colorful lights can decorate the courtyard space at night.