Lighting knowledge have to know

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Lighting knowledge have to know

Lighting design is not reasonable, some space is dark, some space is light, long-term use is easy to damage the eyes, and the overall design will be very poor.

If you spend more time studying the relevant lighting knowledge, even if you are not a professional designer, you can reasonably avoid the pit of lighting design.

Classification of lighting methods

1 general lighting

It refers to the lighting mode adopted to illuminate the whole space without considering local lighting, which can make the whole space obtain better brightness distribution and illumination uniformity. You can choose the square led ceiling light and so on.

Function: illuminate the whole space. If the space is too open or needs to be divided into multiple functional areas, such as living room, kitchen, etc., the general lighting of partition is generally adopted.

Disadvantages: large power consumption, rigid form of lighting, need more decoration.

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2 local lighting

It refers to the lighting mode that does not consider the whole, but only considers the local special needs, which can highlight a certain object or a certain style. The modern minimalist chandelier lighting is you good choose.

Function: in the local range with smaller light source power to obtain higher illumination, reduce power consumption

Disadvantages: long time only local lighting is easy to cause visual fatigue

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3 mixed lighting

The mixed use of general lighting and local lighting plays an important role in the decoration and ornamentation of the overall space, with artistic sense.

Tips: Principles of interior lighting design

1. When it is not suitable to install local lighting or mixed lighting is unreasonable, general lighting should be used;

2. When a certain functional area needs to be higher than the general lighting illumination, partition general lighting can be used;

3. No matter what kind of space, only local lighting should be installed.