Match lamps with different decor styles

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How to match lamps with different decor styles?

In addition to lighting, lamps and lanterns also have decorative functions. Many people are dazzled by the choice of various styles of lamps and lanterns. In fact, as long as they choose according to their own home decoration style, they can also be perfectly matched with home decoration. How to choose room lamps? What are the main types of lamp styles? How to match different decoration styles with home lighting? Next, we will let you master the collocation skills of lamps and lanterns to create a warm and comfortable home atmosphere.

What is the style classification of household lamps and lanterns

一. Simple modern style lamps and lanterns

Modern and simple style lamps and lanterns are mostly designed with neat lines and prominent geometric figures, mostly in black and white, and the materials are mostly stainless steel, aluminum plastic plate and other materials with hardness texture. Lamps and lanterns pay attention to the coordination with the entire indoor and outdoor environment, while highlighting the decorative effect of lamps and lanterns, giving people a simple and efficient sense of modernity, more suitable for the choice of urban youth.

With tips:

Modern simple style lamps and lanterns have simple modeling and pay attention to practical function. Living room bedroom with modern geometric chandelier ceiling lamp, dining room with creative chandeliers to embellish, simple and full of personality, and then creative ornaments to decorate the home, highlight their unique taste, but also can instantly improve the taste of the whole home decoration.

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二. Classic Chinese style lamps and lanterns

Classic Chinese style lamps and lanterns are integrated into the design of modern characteristics, while retaining some Chinese elements. The overall temperament has the charm of Chinese temperament, but also simple and fluent modeling design. Wooden lamp frame design, hollow pattern style is the performance characteristics of Chinese lamps and lanterns. It is noble and elegant without losing the moderation and magnanimity, which conveys a kind of calm and comfortable feeling.

With tips:

The best collocation of Chinese style lamps and lanterns also belongs to the house of Chinese style decoration style, or decorate in the modern style home with strong book atmosphere. In the collocation, we should pay attention to the integrity of decoration, such as the series of ceiling lamp and wall lamp, and also pay attention to the matching with other household ornaments, otherwise it will appear incoherent and lack of aesthetic feeling.

三. European style lamps and lanterns

The lamps and lanterns of European style make the whole space look to give a person with open, atmospheric extraordinary bearing. It is mainly white, gold, yellow and dark red, with exquisite modeling and complicated design. The lamps and lanterns will be decorated with crystal, which has a twinkling effect, creating a dignified and elegant, noble and gorgeous feeling.

With tips:

European style lamps and lanterns in collocation have a lot of attention, the most important living room, can choose European style crystal chandelier, create a noble atmosphere feeling, bedroom can choose relatively modern nordic chandelier, to create a warm and comfortable sleep atmosphere. The color of lamps and lanterns can be selected and matched according to the color of indoor walls, which can increase the overall sense of coordination.

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四. Garden style lamp

The pastoral style is close to nature and yearns for nature, showing a simple life atmosphere. It has become the pursuit of many people living in the fast-paced city. The garden style lamps and lanterns are mostly based on the plants in the nature. They are colorful and bright. They show a kind of green, natural and comfortable leisurely mood, and also reflect the yearning for the pastoral life.

With tips:

The garden style is mainly composed of dreamy crystal lamp, chic flower lamp and sentiment candle lamp. It is more suitable for decoration in the bedroom and study. The soft and romantic color brings warm family atmosphere. The fresh pastoral style makes the room more comfortable and comfortable.