How to match modern lamps and lanterns

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How to match modern lamps and lanterns?

In home decoration, lamps and lanterns occupy an important position. The modern style lamps and lanterns with simple personality give people more choices. What are the characteristics of modern simple lamps and lanterns? What are the key points in the process of home decoration? This issue will introduce you the three matching skills of modern style lamps and lanterns, which can highlight your unique taste and instantly improve the taste of the whole home decoration.

一、Characteristics of modern chandelier lamp

The biggest characteristic of modern lamps is simple and natural, abandoning the complicated design in the past, emphasizing practicality, with neat lines, geometric figures, black and white in the majority. Lamps and lanterns pay attention to the coordination with the whole indoor and outdoor environment, and highlight the decorative effect of lamps and lanterns, making the whole home space look simple and atmospheric, especially suitable for the choice of urban people.

二、Collocation skills of modern chandelier lamp

1、Overall collocation

In the process of home decoration, the first thing to pay attention to is the coordination of the overall collocation. Lamp style and furniture style are consistent, giving people a sense of harmony. Living room can choose atmospheric lamps and lanterns, modern chandelier ceiling lights with simple lines; bedrooms can choose modern lamps and lanterns with personality to increase the sense of warmth according to their own preference; dining room can choose several kinds of chandeliers with different shapes to increase lighting and create a good dining atmosphere at the same time.

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2、Partial collocation

One is to meet the lighting needs, the other is to show the beauty of home, so local lighting is indispensable. Can match downlight in the living room to increase the bright feeling of the living room, floor lamp can meet the needs of watching TV or newspaper in the living room; the bedside lamp in the bedroom can not only create a warm atmosphere, but also make the whole look fashionable and retro, adding the owner's taste. Wall lamp can also be installed to meet the local lighting needs of bathroom or dressing room.

3、Light selection

Modern lamps and lanterns in addition to pay attention to collocation, but also pay attention to the choice of light and collocation. For the living room, this kind of entertainment place, of course, requires the bright and transparent light effect. The best choice is the LED modern ceiling chandelier lights. The white light can illuminate the home space in a larger range, while the bedroom and study and other relatively private space are mainly based on the warm yellow light, which will not cause glare and create a warm atmosphere. 

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