Raiders to choose living room lamps

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Raiders to choose living room lamps

The living room is the collective activity space of the family, and it is also the place where relatives and friends get together for the first time. Therefore, it is not allowed to be careless in the decoration. In addition to the living room home decoration, lamps and lanterns also play a very important role. What are the purchase points of living room lamps and lanterns? Drawing of living room with different area and choosing appropriate lamp size? Living room lamps and lanterns and how to match with the living room style, into one? Next, we introduce to you the key points that need to be paid attention to in the selection of living room lamps, so that you can solve the problem of lamps and lanterns purchase with ease of effort.

一. Living room lamp collocation Guide

Whether it's family or friends visiting, the living room is the largest place for leisure activities. Bright and comfortable light can help to get along with each other in a harmonious atmosphere, reduce the visual burden on the eyes, and meet different needs, such as reading, watching drama, playing, etc. Therefore, in addition to the main lighting in the living room, other auxiliary lighting lamps and lanterns are also indispensable. The lighting of overall lighting and local lighting interact with each other, which can create a good space atmosphere.

1. General lighting

The main lamp for the overall lighting to the living room to provide the largest area of light, usually for the ceiling lamp or chandelier, choose the main lamp, choose the lampshade mouth upward, light to the direction of the ceiling, reflecting down will make people feel more soft and relaxed, and warm tone light source can highlight the warm and fragrant atmosphere of the family. The hand blown glass chandelier is your good choose.

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2. Local lighting

Local lighting can strengthen the sense of light level and meet the needs of living room leisure and entertainment. When watching TV and reading, the floor lamp with soft light and no glare is more suitable. The wall lamp can strengthen the lighting of hallway, such as porch, and strengthen the guiding role. The lamp belt or downlight installed around the ceiling, and the main lamp for auxiliary lighting, make the living room more bright as a whole.

二 . Key points of choosing and purchasing the lamps and lanterns in the living room

1. Lamp size

The living room is more spacious, you can choose the chandelier lighting with novel appearance and luxury modeling; the living room is relatively narrow and small, it is more suitable to use ceiling lamp

2. Collocation of lamps and lanterns

The living room is the largest leisure space in the family. In order to better lighting, floor lamp, wall lamp and downlight can be used locally for matching lighting.

3. Lighting style

The style selection of lamps and lanterns should be consistent with the decoration style of the living room at home, otherwise it will appear out of place and affect the overall effect of home decoration.

三. Selection of lighting style in living room

1. Modern style

Modern simple style of living room, the choice of lamps and lanterns are mostly simple design, prominent geometry, mostly ceiling lamp, so it is more suitable for the living room with small area, which has become the choice of young people.

2. Nordic IKEA style

The Nordic IKEA style emphasizes minimalism, which is functional and close to nature, and is mostly white and gray machine log color. Therefore, the best choice in the selection of lamps and lanterns white, not too much decoration, to simple and practical. The linear industrial chandelier is your good choose.

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3. Traditional Chinese style

Chinese style decoration is generally the choice of literati, pay attention to practicality, whether it is ceiling lamp or chandelier are full of Chinese ancient characteristics, noble and elegant without losing the mediocre magnanimity, giving people a sense of tranquility and comfort.

4. Luxury European style

European style home decoration, the general living room area is larger, give a person the feeling is very gorgeous and noble, so the best choice of modeling is extremely exquisite, with complex design of crystal lamp, create a kind of dignified and elegant feeling.