Decoration creative strip light exquisite layout

Decoration creative strip light exquisite layout

Decoration creative strip light exquisite layout

Abstract: the last finishing touch in the process of home decoration should be the design of lighting, which not only brings brightness to the whole home, but also creates a comfortable, warm or romantic atmosphere, especially the use of led strip light with remote. Let's take you to understand the next few creative led strip lights with exquisite layout, and let's have a look at the beauty of outlining the curve of shining space.

The led strip light with remote is surrounded by the curve of the ceiling, and the transparent light is refracted out, which makes it more beautiful to match the open space. After the strip light is cut and bent, it is placed in different positions of the bedroom to extend the light to the elevation line, resulting in the extension effect; the led strip light with remote is made on the side of the ceiling by using the difference of high and low degree, so as to indirectly decorate the lighting, increase the height and space three-dimensional feeling, and make the bedroom more open. All the arrangements are ready, turn on the light source, or bright or soft light cross shine, suddenly play the effect of magnifying the space.

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In the big space room, the young family's home decorators can't bear to give up a comfortable bar area. In order to create a better night atmosphere, the timely appearance of the strip light can play a good role in this kind of function. Lighting settings are made along the outer edge of the carpet arc, and the zigzag strip light around the side of the cabinet echoes back and forth, presenting the final impressive home range.

Bathroom mirror around the led strip light with remote processing, one can create an indoor atmosphere, the other is to provide basic lighting needs to meet indoor lighting. The led strip light is unfolded around the bathroom mirror, and the light with purple in white is projected out, presenting a complete sense of gentle and quiet space.

In the bedroom, a strip light is installed inside the wall. The soft red is a light that falls scattered and lights the wall and ceiling. In an instant, the enlarged bedroom makes our mind more open and relaxed. Feel comfortable light, instantly ease your day's nervous tension, let people sleep until dawn.

In fact, this is not a real led strip light, in the ceiling position, make a narrow light trough, lighting equipment processing, bright and bright light projection, to narrow the corridor more lighting support. The appearance of the led strip light with remote is also very suitable for the narrow and long corridor, and the overall layout is reasonable.

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The led strip light with remote can also be made different, can be so enchanting. The light can be projected through the pattern on the board. The graceful curve softens the space and makes the living room have more charm for fine products.

On the side wall of the corridor, three narrow and long equal proportion light troughs are dug out, and the led strip light with remote is built in. Finally, this kind of interior decoration effect is presented, which changes the original monotonous white wall. Of course, its own lighting function is also very practical, but it does not occupy space to light up the small area.

The layout of the strip light at the staircase is very ingenious. The narrow and long hollowed out treatment is made on the ground below the stairs to make the lamp trough, and the led strip light with remote is placed between them to meet the lighting demand of the whole staircase.