How to choose a suitable panel light?

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How to choose a suitable LED panel light?

Now the housing floor height is generally very low, plus the ceiling, the installation of chandeliers will be more depressing, and the small thickness, no space, simple and generous, clean and convenient installation can give the space clear and bright ceiling lamp is more and more popular with the owners. How to choose LED panel light ?

一、 How to buy LED panel light

1. Look at the light source and distinguish the color temperature

Good light source, moderate color temperature, good color rendering, average life of more than one year, high light efficiency and small stroboscopic. Some small manufacturers of light source by the color temperature do high, it looks a little brighter, this kind of light source is more harmful to the eyes.

2. Look at the area and choose the power

Generally speaking, the higher the power, the greater the luminous flux and brightness. The power of ceiling lamp is generally 10W, 18W, 21W, 22W, 28w, 32W, 40W, 56W, 68W, 108W and so on.

3. Look at the style and choose the style

Choose LED warm white panel light according to the style of functional space, choose different shapes, materials of ceiling panel light to decorate the space.

4. Look at the details, choose the quality

Good quality led ceiling panel lamp material corner burr seam is even, electroplating and spraying is even, electroplating accessories brightness and color is uniform, material level. The chassis is made of 2.2mm metal material, flat and solid, and has good parallelism with the ceiling.

5. Look at the electrical appliances and know the efficiency

All fluorescent light sources must be equipped with ballasts to light up. The quality of ballasts directly determines the lamp life and light efficiency. Manufacturers who pay attention to quality must pay attention to the quality of ballasts. Ballasts have two kinds of inductance ballasts and electronic ballasts. Electronic ballasts can improve the light efficiency of lamps and systems, can instantly start up, extend the life of lamps, have small temperature rise, no noise, small volume and light weight, and the power consumption is only 1/3 to 1/4 of inductance ballasts.

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二、 LED panel light collocation in different spaces

1. Living room

The atmosphere is solemn, bright and spacious. The warm white led panel light is selected to be in harmony with other furniture to create a well lit reception environment and a good home atmosphere.

2. Bedroom

Quiet and soft, decorative strong, appropriate to use orange, light yellow ceiling lamp, can use several lights mixed use, create elegant warm atmosphere.

3. Kitchen

It is bright, moisture-proof and easy to clean, and has enough brightness to meet the cooking needs. At the same time, attention should be paid to the selection of lamps which are easy to be scrubbed and corrosion-resistant, and installed as far away from the stove as possible.

4. Toilet

Waterproof, not easy to rust, easy to choose simple, mosaic and moisture-proof, soft color ceiling lamp, to create a soothing atmosphere, the best in the mirror with a bright white flag lamp.

5. Restaurant

Good color rendering, appetite, create a warm and bright effect, choose warm color is most appropriate, soft yellow light makes dishes more delicious.

6. Study room

Refreshing, simple and lively, the light should be soft and bright, the style is simple and generous, at the same time, you can match a desk lamp with a reflecting lampshade and lower opening beside the desk.

7. Porch corridor

Wide, bright and comfortable, the light should be bright. The ceiling lamp with dimming device and induction setting can be used. The emergency lighting equipment is also indispensable to prevent unexpected needs.

8. Balcony

Soft and simple, considering that the balcony needs to dry clothes at ordinary times, it is not suitable to select too large lamps and lanterns, but the embedded ceiling lamp with light yellow warm light can be selected.

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