Types of LED waterproof lamps

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Types of LED waterproof lamps

Waterproof lamps and lanterns are developed in the future to prevent water immersion in the structure. The waterproof lamps and lanterns are made with good rubber rings, reasonable design and fine technology. At present, the common waterproof lamps are led series waterproof lamps, such as LED Waterproof down lamp, waterproof LED light strip and so on. What is the classification of LED waterproof lamps? What is the protection level of LED waterproof lamp?

一、Led waterproof lamps are mainly divided into outdoor rain proof and outdoor waterproof.

1. Rainproof LED lamps generally refer to outdoor LED lamps which meet the IP65 standard. This kind of lamps do not need to be immersed in water, but only need to prevent spraying. Its main feature is the use of silicone sealing gasket to ensure that the rain water spray from any angle does not affect the normal use of LED lamps. It is mainly used in urban lighting, building lighting and other fields as waterproof led floor lights, LED projection lamp, led wall washing lamp, led dyeing lamp, etc.

2. The requirement of LED waterproof lamp is that it can be completely immersed in water, so it needs to be implemented according to IP67 or higher IP68 standard. It is to increase the protection level on the basis of rain proof LED lamps, and to achieve a higher level of protection standard by changing the air tightness structure and process of the lamp body.

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二、What is the protection level of LED waterproof lamp ?

IP0: no protection.

IP1: to prevent the invasion of dripping water, and the vertical dripping water drops (such as condensation water) will not cause harmful effects on lamps.

IP2: when the lamp is tilted to 15 degrees, the dripping water will not cause harmful effect on the lamp when it is tilted from vertical to 15 degrees

IP3: to prevent the invasion of sprayed water, rain proof, or prevent the water sprayed in the direction with the vertical angle less than 60 degrees from entering the lamp and causing damage.

IP4: prevent splashing water from invading, and prevent water from splashing from all directions into lamps and lanterns to cause damage.

IP5: prevent the water from spraying into the lamp, and prevent the water from the nozzle from entering the lamp and causing damage.

IP6: to prevent the invasion of big waves, the lamps installed on the deck can prevent damage caused by the invasion of big waves.

IP7: prevent the invasion of water during immersion. The lamp can be immersed in water for a certain time or the water pressure is below a certain standard to ensure that the lamp will not be damaged due to water inflow.

Ip8: prevent the invasion of water when sinking. The lamp will sink indefinitely under the condition of specified water pressure to ensure that it will not be damaged due to water inflow.

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