What kind of light fits the courtyard

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What kind of light fits the courtyard ?

Abstract: the courtyard lighting at night can adjust the atmosphere and make the garden have a special flavor. There are lawn lamp, underground lamp, wall lamp, solar street lamp, waters-cape lamp and so on. The courtyard lighting design should pay attention to the match with the scenery, and play the role of embellishment or strengthening to the space. Now, let's learn about the design of the courtyard lighting.

Courtyard lamp is a kind of outdoor lighting lamps, usually refers to the outdoor road lighting lamps below 6 meters. Because of its diversity, beauty, and the characteristics of beautifying and decorating the environment, it is also called landscape garden lamp.

There are lawn lamp, underground lamp, wall lamp, waterproof outdoor solar lights, light sensor night light, waters-cape lamp and so on. You can choose the appropriate lighting according to your own courtyard design.

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Garden lamp style

European style courtyard lamp: its design style mostly adopts some European art elements of European countries, and takes abstract expression form. Such as: crown courtyard lamp.

Modern courtyard lamp: its design style mostly adopts modern art elements and adopts simple technique expression, such as spring bud garden lamp.

Classical courtyard lamp: its design uses Chinese classical element more, use and change type, for example: Palace lamp.

Courtyard lighting design

1. Floodlighting

This is one of the most common lighting methods in landscape lighting, which is just like using a flashlight to illuminate the illuminated objects. Although it is relatively simple and crude, it can ensure that all sides of the object are illuminated evenly.

2. Contour lighting

Through the lighting to strengthen the outline of the landscape, highlighting the landmark of the landscape.

3. Internal light transmission lighting

The use of indoor light to project outdoor. This has a higher requirement for the pre-embedded pre-set.

4. Shangzhao method

The smaller the crown width, the smaller the light angle.

5. Downcast method

It is often hung on a tree or by a pole. It helps to light up the courtyard at night, but it often has glare. If necessary, the glare can be reduced by adding a hood.

6. Road lighting

It can light up the passing road and pay attention to the installation spacing when using. The waterproof outdoor solar lights are your good choose.

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7. Boundary lighting

Similar to contour lighting, it can produce strong linear light. It is recommended to use warm light with low brightness.

8. Focus lighting

Focus is presented by the light source, and the bright and dark parts are highlighted by contrast.

9. Waters-cape lighting

In Waters-cape lighting, we must pay attention to the safety of electricity. Another is to distinguish the point light source and the linear light source. The point light source usually emits light evenly, and the linear light source can outline the edge.