What kind of light is good for dining room

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What kind of light is good for dining room ?

Abstract: the dining room is an important place for our living room. If the dining room is well decorated, it can not only create a healthy and comfortable dining environment for us, but also add a lot of color to the whole room space. So how to make the restaurant more beautiful and comfortable? Of course, dining room lighting is essential. It can change our dining environment differently. Therefore, we have to pay attention to the selection of dining room lamps. Let me tell you how to choose dining room lamps!

一. What kind of light is good for dining room

The common dining room lamp has the droplight, the ceiling lamp, the wall lamp and so on. Most of them are installed with modern linear chandelier. If the modern linear chandelier is installed, it is better to hang it right above the dining table, so that all the light can be focused on the center of the dining table, which can lay a layer of light on the food and help to improve the dining mood of family members. The hanging height of the chandelier must be determined according to the actual situation of the restaurant. If it is too high or too low, it will affect the dining mood of the family.

If the area of the family dining room is too small, and the dining table is placed against the wall, the installation of wall lamp is the most appropriate. The wall lamp is directly installed on the wall, compared with the chandelier, it will make the dining room more interesting. And the light of the wall lamp is from top to bottom according to the wall, giving us another visual experience. In the choice of wall lamp, can be determined according to the dining room wall color, maintain the overall collocation harmony can be.

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二. What lamps and lanterns do different restaurants match

1. Modern style

Black and white gray color simple, geometric modeling, irregular graphics and other creative lamps.

2. Chinese style

It can be matched with lamps with classical elements, such as tassel chandelier.

3. European style

Low key luxury crystal lamp, candle lamp, iron lamp, are more suitable for European style delicate romance.

三. How to choose dining room lamps

1. Overall style

When choosing dining room lamps and lanterns, we should not only rely on the first sight feeling, but also pay attention to many problems. First of all, when choosing dining room lamps and lanterns, we should first see whether the style and size of lamps and lanterns match with the living environment. The most important point is to see whether the size and style of the dining table, the size and style of lamps and lanterns are good-looking, so that the lamps and lanterns will match the overall style, which is not unique.

2. Variable brightness

Now most restaurant decoration is to choose contemporary linear chandeliers, and placed on the top of the dining table, the brightness of the chandelier has a great impact on the vision and dining mood of diners, so when choosing the chandelier, it is best to choose the chandelier which can adjust the brightness of the chandelier according to different environment and atmosphere. It is killing two birds with one stone to spend money to enjoy a variety of dining atmosphere It's something.

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3. Height adjustment

Now a lot of house space layout is strange, some of the story height is not the same, some corners are a lot, it is difficult to buy furniture, there are limitations, so when buying restaurant chandeliers, it is best to choose the height that can be adjusted at will. Now, the height of many chandeliers in the lamp market can be adjusted.

4. Texture

Now, the materials of lamps and lanterns are basically plastic and glass, and there are a few paper lampshades. If you buy chandeliers, glass chandeliers are better. As the saying goes, "cheap, no good goods". Therefore, the price of glass lamps is higher than that of plastic ones, but the shapes of glass chandeliers are more diverse. And the two kinds of material chandelier are easier to clean, compared with glass chandelier better cleaning and maintenance.