Different styles of living room lighting

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With the diversification of home style, lamps and lanterns as a part of home are more and more possible and play an important role in the room space. Therefore, the installation of some unique lighting can not only reflect the unique vision and unique personality of the host, but also play a key role in the whole home environment. Elegant crystal chandeliers and classical Chinese lamps are both characteristic and practical. Combined with lighting geomancy, they bring good fortune to the home.

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Difference of different crystal chandeliers

Difference of different crystal chandeliers.jpg

Crystal lighting originated in Europe in the mid-17th century. At that time, Europeans were especially eager to pursue gorgeous and bright articles and decorations, and crystal lighting came into being and was very popular. Crystal lamp is loved and purchased by many consumers because it can bring elegant and fashionable atmosphere to the room. The common crystal lamp styles include modern Chinese crystal lamp, European crystal lamp, simple crystal lamp, American country crystal lamp and post-modern crystal lamp.

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