How about led eye protection table lamp

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"eye protection table lamp" is mainly composed of lamp cap and lamp. The lamp holder is usually made up of light source with good light quality (such as tricolor fluorescent lamp tube). The lamp cover can improve the uniformity of light distribution, reduce or reduce glare, and stable electronic components. So, what is the specific effect of LED eye protection lamp? Let's have a look.

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What kind of lamp is suitable for study

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The lighting design of the study is the most important, good lighting design can not only let people calm down to learn, vision is not easy to fatigue. So, what kind of lamp is suitable for study? The main lamp can choose ceiling lamp, table lamp or floor lamp at the corner of the table. What are the principles of lighting design in the study? In the design study, it is best to deal with indirect light source, such as setting hidden light source around the ceiling, so as to set off the calm atmosphere of the book.

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