Modern Chandelier LED Rotatable Brunch Shape Glass Shade

$340.00 – $682.50

5 heads(L38")5 heads(L38")
6 heads(L42")6 heads(L42")
7 heads(L48")7 heads(L48")
8 heads(L58")8 heads(L58")
9 heads(L74")9 heads(L74")
11 heads(L82")11 heads(L82")
Gradient grayGradient gray
Gradient greenGradient green
Gradient blueGradient blue
Electroplating goldElectroplating gold
Electroplated grayElectroplated gray
Vendor: Longree SKU: LRWW015

Home Decor Modern Chandelier LED Rotatable Brunch Shape Glass Shade LRWW015


The glass linear chandelier have 5-11 heads, Gold or Black frame, Gradient gray,Gradient green,Gradient blue,Transparent,Electroplating gold,Electroplated gray glass globe, Easy Installation: Simple design, you can install it with CFLs and LED bulbs as you like. 


  • Products Name:  Home Decor Modern Chandelier Classic Mid-Century LED Linear LRWW015

  • Category:   Modern chandelier Lamp

  • Bulb Base:   E27

  • Bulb Type:   LED Bulbs

  • Chain/cord Adjustable Or Not:   Not

  • Power Source:   AC(Corded)

  • Shipping Weight:  5KG

  • Material: Aluminum+Glass

  • Light Number: 5/6/7/8/9/11

  • Model Number: LRWW015 / LRS021

  • Color:   Gradient gray, Gradient green, Gradient blue, Transparent, Electroplating gold, Electroplated gray

  • Shipping:Free


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      Modern Chandelier LED Rotatable Brunch Shape Glass Shade - Longree


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      Modern Chandelier LED Rotatable Brunch Shape For Living Room

      brunch  linear chandelier

      modern chandelier for living room

      modern chandelier for bedroom

      modern chandelier for Dining room

      modern chandelier for home decor

      modern chandelier decorative lighting

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      Installation Guide

      Installation are pretty easy and here are instruction videos and pics

      PLEASE NOTE: Each blown glass is a one-of-a-kind, unique, hand-blown glass to be built by hand.  As with all art, there will be slight variations including length due the natural characteristics of hand blown glass. Also the size of the finished unit is greatly affected  by how each blown glass is tied to the metal frame. The layer and density are the main criteria which make the variation in size.




      How To Customise Yours

      Customized Process

      With years of experience as blown glass chandelier supplier that creates custom hand blown glass chandeliers, we have streamlined our process for our customers.  Here we will walk you through our simple 4 steps to creating a unique and personalized chandelier just for you!

      1. Please get in touch with us and let us know which model from our website has caught your interest. Alternatively, you can share your own picture with us to inquire whether we can create a similar item.

      2. During the consultation, you will discuss the style, size, shape, color, and other details that you want for your chandelier such as chain length,canopy and so on.

      Shapes Of Blown Glass
      Blown glass shapes
      Colors Choices

      3. Based on the consultation, we will create a design proposal that outlines the concept, materials, specifications, and estimated cost of the custom chandelier. You will review and approve the proposal before moving to the next step.

      4. Once the design and materials are finalized,we start to create for you after you making the payment.