Creative Table Lamps Fabric Shade Masked Golden Resin Rabbit


Vendor: Longree SKU: TB001

Modern Creative Masked Rabbit Resin Table Lamps TB001


Every table needs a lamp – but where do you find the best of the best? Beautiful designs, beautiful materials, beautiful touches for beautiful homes.The rabbit resin animal themed table lamps is one of our best selling table lamps.You will enjoy it!


  • Products Name:   Modern Creative Masked Rabbit Resin Table Lamps TB001

  • Category:   Table Lamp

  • Shipping Weight:   5KG

  • Material:   Resin

  • Item Size:   24*49cm

  • Shipping:   Free, Usually 3-10 days, bespoke items are around 15 days


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      Modern Creative Masked Rabbit Resin Table Lamps - Longree

      rabbit resin animal themed table lamps.jpg

      masked rabbit resin animal table lamp.jpg
      rabbit resin animal themed table lamps.jpg


      Installation Guide

      Installation are pretty easy and here are instruction videos and pics



      How To Customise Yours

      Customized Process

      With years of experience as blown glass chandelier supplier that creates custom hand blown glass chandeliers, we have streamlined our process for our customers.  Here we will walk you through our simple 4 steps to creating a unique and personalized chandelier just for you!

      1. 1. Decides the size of your chandelier to suit your space

      2. 2. Choose what kind of shapes of the glass that you want to use. You can also provide your own glass shape to us.

      3. Shapes Of Blown Glass
        Blown glass shapes

      4. 3. Pick color or colors you want to apply to the glass

      5. 4. Other requirements such as chain length.

      6. Get quotation and make payment then we make it for you.