Ceiling Lights And Led Strip Lights

led strip lights

Abstract: With so many lighting options available in the market, it can be overwhelming to choose the right ones that fit your preferences and home decor. In this article, we will discuss how to select ceiling lamps and LED strip lights.

Ceiling lamps: When selecting a ceiling lamp, consider the style and function of the space you want to illuminate. Modern round ceiling lights come in different shapes and materials that can enhance your home's decor. Quality ceiling lamps have flat and even corner burr joints, uniform plating and spraying, and uniform brightness and color of plating accessories. A good light source should be bright, have moderate color temperature, good color rendering, average life span of more than one year, high luminous efficiency, and low stroboscopic effects.

For living room lighting, choose astigmatic or full-lighting types. Dining rooms usually need downward projection lighting, while bedrooms require soft lighting, such as astigmatic lighting.

To determine the appropriate size of the ceiling lamp, consider the lighting area. For example, if the lighting area is around 15 square meters, choose a lamp with a diameter of 40 cm; for an area of 20-35 square meters, choose a lamp with a diameter of 60-70 cm.

modern round ceiling light


LED strip lights: Pay attention to the following aspects when selecting LED strip lights:

Solder point: High-quality LED strip lights are produced using SMT chip technology, which involves solder paste and reflow soldering. As a result, the solder joints on the LED strip are relatively smooth, and the amount of solder will not be excessive.

FPC quality: FPC (flexible printed circuit) comes in two types: copper and rolled copper. Copper-clad boards have protruding copper foil that can be seen from the connection between the pad and the FPC. Rolled copper is closely connected with the FPC and can be bent at will without the risk of pad detachment.

Accessories: Look for LED strip lights that come with instructions for use and light strip specifications in the box, as well as LED light strip connectors or card holders. This will help ensure that you have all the necessary components to set up your LED strip lights.

led strip lights

In summary, selecting the right ceiling lamp and LED strip lights can greatly enhance your home's ambiance and functionality. By considering factors such as style, function, quality, and size, you can find the perfect lighting options that fit your needs and preferences.