How to choose a suitable ceiling lamp

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How to choose a suitable ceiling lamp

Abstract: Nowadays, the height of the housing is generally very low. With the ceiling, the installation of chandeliers will be more depressing, and the ceiling lamps that are small in thickness, do not occupy space, are simple and generous, are easy to install and clean, and can give a clear and bright space. Welcome from the owners. So, how to choose a suitable ceiling lamp?

(1)The first is the living room: ceiling lamps with a diameter of 20cm or less should be used under 12 square meters; a living room lighting fixture with an area of 15-20 square meters with a diameter of 30cm can fully meet our lighting needs, and the maximum diameter should not exceed 40cm, otherwise The ceiling lamp is not in harmony with the living room. At present, the best choice for most people is a 29cm living room ceiling lamp.
This multi stem lamp round chandelier modern is sure to add luster to your living room. The frozen white flour will come together to form a flower shape, giving it a beautiful modern appearance.

round chandelier modern

(2)Next is the bedroom: less than 10 square meters, ceiling lamp diameter is less than 45cm, light source is about 100W; 10-20 square meters, ceiling lamp diameter is about 60cm, light source is about 200W; 20-30 square meters, ceiling lamp diameter is about 800cm, light source is 300-400W; if the bedroom is bigger, you should choose a ceiling lamp above 1000cm. 

This modern geometric chandelier is very suitable for decoration in the bedroom. It is not only beautiful, but also fully meets the lighting needs of the bedroom.

modern geometric chandelier
(3)The last is the bedroom: now the bathroom is generally equipped with a ceiling, and the size of the bathroom ceiling gusset is mostly 30*30cm, so it is recommended to choose the ceiling lamp in the bathroom according to the size of the gusset, and it is best to choose an LED ceiling lamp.
This led ceiling panel light has different specifications, you can flexibly choose the right size according to the size of the bathroom. This white led panel light is waterproof, not easy to rust, and has a soft tone, which can create a soothing atmosphere and will surely satisfy you.
led ceiling panel light