Recognize the types of lamps and their uses

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Recognize the types of lamps and their uses

Ceiling light
Can save energy, green and environmental protection, high brightness but will not hurt the eyes, rich color conversion, good performance. Most of the ceiling lamps are mainly European-style classical, which looks elegant and elegant. The local tycoon is not heavy but has a style. It can be successfully installed in the home. The ceiling light including glass ceiling lights and traditional ceiling lights.

glass ceiling lights

The chandelier is the most conspicuous and high-profile lighting among all lighting. The shape of the chandelier is varied, and there are Chinese, European and fashion styles. Different styles represent our taste and character. For example, the Chinese style can express "this is a traditional family" to open and impetuous guests. The chandelier including blown glass chandelier, traditional chandeliers, modern chandelier and so on.

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Table lamp
The exposure range is small and concentrated, suitable for reading, studying and working. The exquisite, small and stylish table lamp is a kind of art worth appreciating. For the literary style of Mengmei paper, the table lamp with soft light and shadow is still an essential artifact for taking pictures!

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Floor lamp
The floor lamp is a more brilliant lighting, which can not only become the main lamp in a small area, but also can be decorated with other lighting. Similar to the desk lamp, the floor lamp's upright, beautiful posture is also a "careful decoration" when Mengmei paper takes pictures.

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