Dining room lighting selection strategy

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Dining room lighting selection strategy

Dining room decoration, lighting layout is particular about setting off a happy dining atmosphere, not only to let the whole space have a certain brightness, but also need to have local lighting for embellishment. Therefore, the choice of dining room lamps and lanterns should take the dining table as the center of gravity, establish a main light source, and then match some auxiliary lights. In addition to personal taste and preferences, we should also pay attention to the size and form of dining room lamps, which should be matched with the overall style of the restaurant. This paper mainly introduces the method of lighting selection, dining room lighting collocation.

一 . Four principles to choose dining room lamps and lanterns

1. The choice of lamps and lanterns depends on the space

Chandelier, modern linear chandelier, wall lamp, ceiling lamp and downlight can be used as dining room lamps. According to the space, the dining room with high top is suitable for the selection of ceiling lamp; for the restaurant with narrow space and dining table against the wall, you can choose wall lamp; if the space is spacious, the dining room can choose the chandelier as the main light source, and then match the wall lamp as the auxiliary light, which is the most ideal lighting mode.

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2. The size of lamps and lanterns depends on the dining table

In the selection of dining room lamps, the size of lamps and lanterns can be determined according to the size of the dining table. A row of small chandeliers can be selected for the long dining table. Each small chandelier can be controlled independently, and the corresponding number of chandeliers can be opened according to the needs of dining. The single chandelier is suitable for the square and round table.

3. Lighting requirements for luminaires

While meeting the basic lighting requirements, dining room lamps and lanterns pay more attention to creating a good dining atmosphere and setting off a warm and romantic home atmosphere. Light is an important design for restaurants. Therefore, we should choose the light source with warm color and adjustable brightness. 

4. The later maintenance should be convenient

Kitchen fumes into the dining room lamps, lighting effect will be greatly worse than before. Therefore, the choice of restaurant lighting should consider the actual situation of later care, choose some simple and easy to take care of lamps and lanterns, such as ceiling lamp. In addition, when cleaning the lamps and lanterns, make sure to turn off the power supply to avoid electric shock, and then wipe the outer lampshade with a wet cloth.

二 . Collocation method of lighting in dining room

1. Simple and modern style of individual fashion

Using the characteristics of panel furniture, the mild color of wood, the soft handle of fabric and the reasonable use of wall color and light, the room is filled with a warm feeling. Simple, alternative, the pursuit of fashion is the biggest characteristics of modern minimalist chandeliers. Its material is generally made of aluminum with metal texture and glass with alternative flavor. In appearance and modeling, it mainly adopts alternative expression techniques. The color is mainly white, metallic and color, which is more suitable for simple and modern decoration style. 

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2. Romantic and lively Mediterranean pastoral style

This style is still dominated by furniture and accessories. It adopts European and European furniture, which can be partial classical or pastoral style. The simple and natural indoor courtyard style is combined with modern means of lighting, lighting and space enclosure. Some lights will be rust, black paint and other intentional mottled effect, the pursuit of the old feeling. It pays more attention to leisure and comfort. This kind of lighting and creative lighting have the same beauty, both pay attention to add a different temperament for life.

3. Chinese traditional style with solemn atmosphere

Chinese lamp atmosphere, beautiful, simple, dignified. Chinese style lighting inherits Chinese culture, uses foreign things for China, and makes the past serve the present. Chinese lighting emphasizes the classic Chinese 5000 years of cultural origin, luxurious product quality and yearning for a happy and happy life. It has elegant artistic taste and profound cultural heritage.