How to choose European lamps

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How to choose European lamps ?

European style lamps and lanterns with its gorgeous decoration, exquisite modeling, classical and elegant charm and become more and more common choice in home decoration. So how to buy European style lamps? What European style home decoration lamps and lanterns purchase skill? In this blog, we will take you to learn about the collocation and selection methods of European lamps in different spaces, so that you don't have to worry about the choice of home decoration lamps.

1、European crystal lamp in living room

The living room is a space for leisure activities. The main demand for lamps and lanterns is bright, which can create a warm atmosphere. The European style crystal chandelier lamp not only has a gorgeous and noble temperament, but also makes the living room appear transparent, with a strong ability to render the atmosphere. However, it should be noted that the installation height of the European crystal lamp should not be less than 2.2 meters from the ground, which will neither have a sense of oppression nor make people feel that the light is too dazzling.

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2、European ceiling lamp for bedroom

Bedroom as a place to rest and sleep, lamps and lanterns purchase focus is to create a warm, comfortable feeling. The best choice for European style home decoration is the ceiling lamp, which is not too gorgeous and has a classical and romantic temperament. It should be noted that the light should be soft yellow light, not dazzling and helpful to sleep, give people a very comfortable feeling, and adjustable brightness can better meet the needs of rest.

3、Auxiliary lighting European wall lamp

Whether it is the porch corridor or the bedside in front of the mirror, there is no lack of auxiliary lighting in the home. European style crystal wall lamps with its small size and elegant noble temperament has become the choice of many families. Embellishment in the home space also has a unique sentiment. What should be noted in the installation is that it should be slightly higher than the line of sight about 1.8 meters, whether the light transmittance of the lampshade is good, and whether the extremely modeling is in harmony with the overall style of the room. 

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