What are the features of American light

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What are the features of American light

Abstract: what are the characteristics of American style lamps and lanterns? American lamps and lanterns pay attention to classical feelings, but the style and modeling are relatively simple, simple and generous in appearance, and pay more attention to leisure and comfort. So how to match American style lamps and lanterns?

Characteristics of American style lamps

American style is a form of the evolution of American lifestyle. The United States is a country advocating freedom, which also created its free and uninhibited way of life, without too much artificial decoration and restraint, inadvertently also achieved another leisure style of romance. American culture is dominated by transplanted culture, which has the luxury and nobility of Europa, but also combines the uninhibited of the American continent. As a result, many fetters are removed, and the style of nostalgia, nobility and arbitrariness is achieved.

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These elements of American style lamps and lanterns just meet the needs of the current cultural assets for lifestyle, that is, there is a sense of culture, a sense of nobility, but also a sense of freedom and sentiment. For example, crystal drop round chandelier. The style of American style lamps and lanterns is mainly rooted in European culture. There are many similarities between American style lamps and European style lamps, but many unique characteristics can be found

(1) In terms of style, American style lamps still pay attention to classical feelings and evolved on the basis of European style and even Mediterranean style, but they are relatively simple in style and modeling, simple and generous in appearance, and pay more attention to leisure and comfort;

(2) The materials of American style lamps are resin, iron, solder, copper, crystal and so on; the large round crystal chandelier is a good choose;

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(3) The color is steady and the temperament is meaningful. It pursues a sense of nobility. Its purpose is to pursue luxury like European style lamps, but the charm of American style lamps lies in its unique low-key noble temperament;

(4) American style lamps with clear lines and elegant shapes on the light source are generally softer, which makes people experience a completely different artistic conception from fashion simplicity. Being in it, there is a peaceful and remote realm.

American lamps and lanterns show the rich aristocratic temperament from the Far West. They are filled with low-key and luxurious atmosphere, and retain the traces of their unique historical years. Their elegant and meaningful bearing can definitely show the master's excellent living taste.