How to buy led eye protection desk lamp

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How to buy led eye protection desk lamp?

Abstract: "eye protection desk lamp" is mainly composed of lamp cap and lamp. The lamp holder is usually made up of light source with good light quality (such as tricolor fluorescent lamp tube). The lamp cover can improve the uniformity of light distribution, reduce or reduce glare, and stable electronic components. So, how to purchase led eye protection lamp? Let's have a look.

1. No flicker:

"No flicker" is the minimum condition of fluorescent eye protection lamp. Fluorescent eye protection lamps sold on the market usually come with a scintillation test gyroscope. When the gyroscope is rotated under the illumination, the clear and stable pattern appears on the gyro boundary.

2. Color light:

Please buy yellow and white lamps, not blue and white ones. Blue and white light has certain damage to human eyes, while light yellow white light is suitable for reading and writing lighting.

3. Color rendering property:

Color rendering is an important requirement of fluorescent eye protection lamp. If the color rendering of light is poor, it is difficult to restore the original color. The simplest inspection method is: use the blood red of the palm to check the color rendering of the lamp. Under the light, the blood red color of the palm is better. If there is no blood color, the color rendering is not good.

4. Power:

Generally speaking, the power of fluorescent lamp between 9W and 18W can meet the requirements of desktop reading and writing lighting. 9W fluorescent eye protection lamp can be used in low brightness environment; 18W fluorescent eye protection lamp is enough for high ambient brightness.

5. Color temperature:

As an eye protection desk lamp, the color temperature is between 5000-5500k, which is suitable for the light environment of our eye vision. So when you choose, consider this factor. It is not recommended by some businesses, the brighter the better!

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6. Is the light softened:

Because the LED light source is a point light source like a lamp bead, the LED module light source with multiple lamp beads arranged together must be softened, otherwise the light emitting angle of each lamp bead overlapping together will cause uneven light, which is a serious interference to our eyesight.

7. Driving position:

The LED light source must be equipped with a driver. If the drive fails, the LED lamp bead will not work. Therefore, a good led eye protection lamp will not design the driver in the lamp head position.

8. Light attenuation:

LED will have a problem of light failure, in short, the brightness is getting darker and darker, which affects the service life of LED desk lamp. The influence factor of this phenomenon is the temperature. When the semiconductor realizes the electron to produce light, it will be accompanied with high temperature. If the temperature can not be emitted in time, it will become darker and darker. Therefore, for this point, we only need to know whether the heat dissipation is good or not. At present, the best way is chip module, and aluminum plate as heat dissipation substrate is the best solution.

9. Height of desk lamp:

As a led eye protection desk lamp, it should not be too high or too low, and the appropriate range is between 35-50cm. The more contacts the lamp holder has, the more expensive the selling price is and easy to be damaged.

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10. Safety:

As a LED light source, its own characteristics determine that there is no glass device, will not produce sharp edges and corners, harm to the skin, especially children. If the decoration link is increased, it is necessary to increase the wire drawing, screw and other sharp and sharp devices. The simpler the structure, the better!

11. Material:

Because of the long service life of LED light source, the material of lamp bracket is very important. For example, some metal, not natural color, are processed separately, will fall off after a long time, affecting the beauty. Or it will be corroded for a long time, which will also affect the aesthetics. Therefore, it is recommended to choose environmentally friendly plastic materials, mainly to keep the color and beauty for a long time!

12. Surface technology of base:

Because the lamp's light is downward, so the base surface can't adopt the smooth surface technology. Although this is good-looking, it will form glare due to reflection, which has adverse impact on the light environment. Therefore, it is recommended to choose the ground sand surface.