What color is good for modern chandeliers?

What color is good for modern chandeliers?

一、Suitable home modern chandeliers color

1. Warm color with appropriate white light source is preferred. Home fengshui is based on Yang, so the light color is based on warm light, so it is more suitable for living.

2, Avoid red light in the bedroom. Red light tends to make people fidgety, and it's also a big no-no, as it can cause one or both partners to cheat.

3. Yellow lights bring in money. Most users like to find a place for a yellow light in the home, is to make money, if you want to prosperous wealth in the home, install a yellow light.

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二、How to design bedroom lighting

1, no matter the intensity of illumination or aesthetic feeling, in the bedroom should be arranged soft light, if the light is too intense, easy to make the person becomes irritable.

2, bedside or bed is not suitable to install chandelier, light irradiation to the eyes, give people a sense of pressure, but also cause harm to the human body.

3, in the appropriate metope to place some wall lamps, the effect is also excellent, its lighting is soft and implicit, so that the room becomes more warm. 

三、How to choose the color of the living room lamp

1, lighting color grasp. Shoot the color of the lamp to want to coordinate with the theme photograph of the sitting room, the lamp that can choose warm color is acted the role of, can appear the sitting room is more sweet.

2, home feng shui pay attention to light color. Color with the five elements in the home focus on cold and warm collocation, home to Yang qi, light to warm light.

3. Grasp the brightness of spotlights. Shoot the lamp basically to try to fill the light from hidden fluorescent lamp in chamfer of 4 sides wood of droplight, such light is downy and not dazzling.