How to choose corridor lights?

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How to choose corridor lights?

Abstract: light source is a very important problem in corridors, especially in small corridors. In addition to the help of sunlight, we can also achieve this goal through the reasonable arrangement of lamps and lanterns. In the home environment, the main role of the aisle is to undertake the transportation of family members, carrying furniture or items, so the aisle needs to have a higher illumination to provide sufficient brightness. Let's have a look at the arrangement of lamps and lanterns in the small corridor.

Design requirements of corridor lights

1. Lighting: bright light can make the space appear spacious, can also ease the tension caused by the narrow corridor. Many down-lights, spotlights and traditional wall lights are commonly used in the corridor to create a light environment.

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2. Illumination: in the home environment, the main role of the aisle is to undertake the transportation of family members, carrying furniture or articles, so the aisle needs to have higher illumination to provide sufficient brightness. According to the depth and width of the aisle, it is recommended to provide a main light or a main light plus several auxiliary lights to ensure the illumination.

3. Color temperature: home environment is more suitable for people to feel warm and comfortable color temperature. For example, the warm color of incandescent lamp close to sunlight is more suitable for providing lighting for family environment. Therefore, as a frequent use of the family aisle, more can not use cold color lighting to provide lighting, the best choice and other space color temperature unified or close to the warm tone light for lighting.

4. Decoration: the choice of corridor lighting requires simple and clear appearance, elegant and compact shape, and avoid using too complicated and gorgeous lamp accessories. In the actual setting, it is recommended to set a main lamp in the center of the corridor, and then according to the special structure of the corridor, it is recommended to match the corresponding decorative lamps such as spotlight, downlight, wall lamp, etc., in order to achieve good decorative effect.

Selection of lamps and lanterns in outer corridor

For the outer corridor, it is usually in the courtyard or park, so the use of more than the price is generally outdoor light, such as outdoor wall lamp, outdoor wall lamp, outdoor column lamp is more appropriate, now the more purchased is outdoor wall lamp, the specific type and style of wall lamp to be installed depends on your corridor is what kind of decoration style, general outer corridor Many of them are Chinese style, so you can choose Chinese style antique outdoor wall lamp or European style outdoor wall lamp, the color is more ancient copper.

Selection of interior corridor lamps

The inner corridors are generally set up at home, so you can choose indoor lights. Generally, small ceiling lights, ceiling lights, wall lights, etc. are more commonly used. This depends on what lights you like or the design of the corridor. Where is the design, if it is designed on the top, then you have to choose a ceiling lamp or ceiling lamp, down-light, etc., if it is on the wall, then it is better to choose a wall lamp.

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How to design corridor lights for home decoration

1. Place a mirror in the aisle, using the reflection effect will play a good penetration effect, expand the field of vision.

2. Place a gorgeous retro crystal chandelier at the top of the aisle to create light, which is a good choice.

3. It is practical and beautiful, and can set off the beautiful wood style.

4. The walls on both sides of the corridor are made into photo walls or family galleries, which is an effective way to avoid singleness and add sentiment.

5. In the corridor to create a large storage cabinet hidden in the wall, is the most effective use of space.

6. The decorative floor lamp is installed under the aisle floor. At the same time, the floor lamp can also be filled with beautiful small things, such as flowers, pebbles, etc., which will be pleasing to the eyes.