How to choose dining room lights

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How to choose dining room lights?

Abstract: in addition to the lighting function, the lamp in the restaurant can also play the role of decorating the dining room and influencing the dining atmosphere. So what is the attention of the dining room lamp geomantic omen?

Dining room lamp geomantic omen knowledge

一. Suitable for dining room lights

1. Lighting should be installed

The modern linear chandelier with unique shape, soft light, soft light and elegant color should be placed above the dining table. Light light quietly reflects on the steaming dishes, which can stimulate people's appetite, create a warm atmosphere of becoming a monk, and also promote the physical and mental health of the family. And the lamp on the dining table, the most direct role is to facilitate daily meals.

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2. Bright lighting should be used

Restaurants should generally use bright colors and soft lighting. Geomantic science believes that bright colors can bring lively atmosphere, promote people's appetite and increase the fun of dining. At the same time, it can enhance people's luck and wealth. From the geomantic environment, adequate sunshine will make the family prosperous day by day, so it is better to open windows in the south to facilitate daylighting. The dining room should install the chandelier with unique shape, soft light and elegant color.

3. The light should be soft

Chinese people pay attention to "color, aroma and taste", but good food without proper lighting will be much worse. Therefore, restaurant lighting is very important. The shape of lamps and lanterns should not be too complicated, and the convenient and practical up and down moving lamps and lanterns are appropriate. Can also use luminous hole, through soft light, not only save space, but also add warmth.

4. Warm colors are preferred

For the restaurant color, the best use of the warmest color system, which can stimulate appetite, increase energy, good health. In addition, the placement of plants can also enhance the family's fortune.

5. The dining room should be well lit

The dining room should be clean and comfortable, and the visual effect should be clean and scientific. From the perspective of geomantic omen, plenty of sunshine will make the family prosperous. It's better to open windows in the south for daylighting.

6. Harmony of restaurant color and interior color

Don't because the dining room this partial color decoration, affected the entire indoor collocation coordination. In the choice of dining room should be color, need to coordinate with the residential color, geomantic omen, generally should use Shengwang color.

二. Taboo in dining room

1. It is not suitable to use white candle chandelier.

Some chandeliers are made up of several candle shaped tubes. Although they are novel in design and have great ornamental value, if they are hung on the dining table, it seems that white wax candles of different lengths are stacked on the dining table, which is not a good omen. As the white candle is a symbol of funeral, the consequences of placing it in the same place to eat can be imagined. Therefore, we must try our best to avoid, but candles of other colors will not be affected, for example modern nordic chandelier.

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2. Dining table and chair should not be pressed by "lamp"

Because when someone is sitting, it will naturally form the pressure head of the lamp, which will affect the activity of thinking, and is not conducive to the development of the cause.