How to choose dining room lights

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How to choose dining room lights?

Abstract: Besides providing lighting, restaurant lamps can also serve as decorative elements and influence the dining atmosphere. Therefore, it is crucial to consider the geomantic implications of dining room lamps. In this article, we discuss the suitable and unsuitable options for dining room lighting based on geomantic principles.

Dining Room Lamp Geomancy Knowledge

I. Suitable Dining Room Lights

  1. Appropriate Lighting

For the dining table, a modern linear chandelier with a unique shape, soft lighting, and elegant colors should be installed. The soft lighting can reflect on the dishes, stimulate the appetite, and create a warm atmosphere for the family. Additionally, the dining table lamp facilitates daily meals.Modern Chandelier Nordic Style Glass Globe Cover LED Bulbs

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  1. Bright Lighting

Bright and soft lighting colors are recommended for restaurants as they create a lively atmosphere and promote the appetite. From a geomantic perspective, adequate sunshine in the south can bring good luck and wealth. Therefore, a unique chandelier with soft lighting and elegant colors should be installed in the dining room.

  1. Soft Lighting

Good lighting is vital for Chinese people, who believe in "color, aroma, and taste." Therefore, the shape of the lamps should be simple and practical. Luminous holes can be used to save space while providing soft lighting that adds warmth.

  1. Warm Colors

Warm colors stimulate the appetite, increase energy, and promote good health. The dining room color scheme should be warm and include plants that enhance the family's fortune.

  1. Adequate Lighting

The dining room should be clean, comfortable, and well-lit. From a geomantic perspective, plenty of sunshine in the south promotes prosperity in the family.

  1. Harmony of Colors

When choosing a color scheme for the dining room, consider how it coordinates with the rest of the house. Geomantic principles recommend using Shengwang colors.

II. Dining Room Taboos

  1. Avoid White Candle Chandeliers

Some chandeliers resemble white wax candles of varying lengths, creating a negative omen. White candles symbolize funerals and should not be placed in a dining room. Instead, opt for other colored candles or modern Nordic chandeliers.

  1. Avoid Lamps Pressing on the Dining Table

The lamp should not press down on the dining table or chairs, as it creates pressure on the head when someone sits, negatively impacting their thinking activity and career development.

In conclusion, dining room lamp geomancy plays a crucial role in creating a harmonious atmosphere and promoting good health, luck, and fortune for the family. Therefore, it is essential to carefully consider the suitable and unsuitable options for dining room lighting based on geomantic principles.

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