How to choose table lamp in living room

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How to choose table lamp in living room?

Abstract: putting a lamp beside the sofa in the living room is also a very common way to decorate and decorate now. It can be said that turning on a lamp at night and sitting on the sofa to read books or watch TV for a while can be said to be a quite comfortable way to relax. So how should the lamp of living room match? Let's have a look at the display and collocation knowledge of table lamps in the living room.

Display of table lamp in living room

1. In the living room, we need to pay attention to the lighting of the table lamp. We should pay attention to this point. There is also the placement of the position. When we arrange the table lamp in the living room, we can't arrange the lighting near the sofa. This will affect the vision of guests and family.

2. In addition, when purchasing the table lamp in the living room, the material, shape and collocation of the table lamp should be selected according to the decoration layout of the living room. The best choice for the table lamp in the living room is the round or square table lamp. The industrial style table lamp is your good choose. Try not to use the special-shaped lamp. In terms of material, metal lamp, wooden lamp and ceramic lamp are good choices according to the orientation and properties of the five elements.

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3. Most of us will choose warm color lighting for the table lamp or other indoor space in the living room, which can make the whole home look more warm. Must not use the color light table lamp, especially the red light source table lamp, this will let the host's mood too excited, very easy to produce the anxious mood. Because the lamp is mainly used to see the color of the light source, so the color of the table lamp is actually the light source color of the table lamp.

What kind of table lamp is suitable for the living room

1. In general, we need to consider the size of incandescent lamp, table lamp and so on. So our living room is the best, choose fluorescent lamp table lamp to put, and other types of lamps and lanterns are set according to different needs, for example modern glass pottery barn base table lamp.

Table Lamps Blue Glass Pottery Barn Base Fabric Lampshade

2. Then the next is to consider the height, area, size and other aspects of the table lamp in the living room. Generally, the size of the table lamp placed in our living room is best not to be greater than 80 cm. Otherwise, it will affect the collocation of the living room, which will damage the beauty. The size of the table lamp is too high, which will bring a sense of depression. Generally 2.6-2.7 meters high indoor space, the height of lamps and lanterns should not exceed 40 cm.

3. Although we can choose the color we like in the color of lamps and lanterns, it is better not to use too many lamps and lanterns, which will only reduce the beauty of the home. If the table lamp placed in the living room is colorful, it will also be a kind of torture to the human visual nerve. The light of fluorescent lamp is closest to the sunlight in the spectrum, and the eye is the easiest to adapt.