Household decorative crystal table lamp

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Household decorative crystal table lamp

Abstract: table lamp is a kind of household appliances used for lighting in people's life. According to the use of functional classification: reading table lamp, decorative table lamp. Reading table lamp is a kind of table lamp specially used for reading and writing. Generally, the lamp can adjust the height of lamp pole, the direction and brightness of illumination, mainly for lighting reading function; the decorative table lamp has luxurious appearance, diverse materials and styles, and complex structure of lamp body, which is used to decorate the space effect, and the decoration function is as important as the lighting function.

Crystal table lamp brings us life experience

Crystal table lamp is at least used for reading and writing at night. With the continuous improvement of people's life quality, the lamp has successfully got rid of the concept of simple lighting. Table lamp has become an indispensable decoration for modern home decoration. In the modern house decoration design, a beautiful crystal base table lamp, a suitable place, will add a bit of warmth to your home. When you are busy for a day and drag the tired body back home to turn on the table lamp, the feeling of home and the dependence on the soul will be realized immediately. Especially in the cold winter night, a lamp with warmth can make you feel the strong flavor of home.

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General living room, sofa corner, table next to easy to form a large range of blank, at this time, if you put a special shape, personality lamp as embellishment, the effect is not general. It's also a good place for reading and reading. Therefore, table lamp is very necessary in the living room. When we choose lamps and lanterns for the living room, we should according to the design style of the whole home, let the table lamp become a small note with harmonious style. Most modern living rooms are simple design style. When choosing crystal bedside table lamps, you should tend to those modern material styles, such as PVC material and metal base, yarn fabric and crystal glass base. And the living room of European style can choose wooden lamp holder to match the table lamp of glass of illusory color, or crystal table lamp of classical modelling. Different styles and different table lamps complement each other.

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When the table lamp is turned on, the space becomes quiet, and the faint halo shines on the room. A quiet, a peaceful, a healthy, a beautiful, warm transfer to your heart.