How to match chandelier lamps lanterns

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How to match chandelier lamps lanterns

Lighting layout most avoid "confusion and complexity", spotlight, down-light, flower lamp, chandelier, wall lamp are all used, and the light source is colorful and dazzling. Good indoor lighting environment needs good planning.

1. Living room

The living room is a common activity place for a family, with a variety of functions, such as meeting guests, audio-visual, reading, games, etc., which needs a variety of lights to fully cooperate.
The style of living room lamps and lanterns is an important expression of master's taste and style. Therefore, the lighting lamps and lanterns in the living room should be in harmony with other furniture to create a good reception environment and home atmosphere. If the living room is larger (more than 20 square meters), and the floor height is more than 3 meters, it is appropriate to choose modern ceiling chandelier lights. Chandelier because of bright lighting, eye-catching style, the overall style of the living room has a great impact. The living room with lower height and smaller area should choose the ceiling lamp, because the light source is about 2.3 meters away from the ground, the lighting effect is the best. If the room is only about 2.5 meters, the height of the lamp itself should be about 20 cm. The ceiling lamp with small thickness can achieve good overall lighting effect.

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2. Bedroom

The bedroom is a private space for the master to rest, and should choose the deep cover type and translucent type lamps with less glare. There are three switches at the entrance and beside the bed. The best color of light is orange, light yellow and other neutral colors or warm colors, which helps to create a comfortable and warm atmosphere. In addition to the selection of the main lamp, there should also be desk lamp, floor lamp, wall lamp, etc., to play the role of local lighting and decoration and beautifying the small environment.

3. Study room

In addition to the layout of desk lamps in the study, general lighting should be set to reduce indoor brightness contrast and avoid fatigue. The lighting of the study mainly meets the needs of reading and writing. The function of the light should be considered. The style should be simple and generous. The light should be soft and bright to avoid glare, so that people can study and work comfortably.

4. Kitchen

The lamps and lanterns in the kitchen must have enough brightness to meet the needs of cookers when they want to operate at will. In addition to the installation of scattered light anti lampblack ceiling lamp, kitchen should also be installed according to the layout of the stove, according to the actual needs of the installation of wall lamps or lamps to take care of the working table. The installation position of lamps and lanterns should be as far as possible away from the stove, away from steam and lampblack, and use safety socket. The shape of lamps and lanterns should be as simple as possible to facilitate wiping.

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5. Restaurant

The local lighting of the dining room should use modern minimalist chandelier to facilitate dining. At the same time, general lighting should be set to make the whole room have a certain degree of brightness. The soft yellow light can make the dishes on the table look more delicious and add the atmosphere and sentiment of family reunion.