Some knowledge about table lamp

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Some knowledge about table lamp

Table lamp is a small household appliance that we often use in our life. It is usually placed on the table to protect the eyes. Good table lamp, to be able to adjust the intensity of light, ease eye fatigue, and, in the selection of table lamp, the best use of fluorescent lamp, can not only protect the eyes, but also save energy and electricity. Table lamp selection needs to pay attention to a few knowledge, the following a look at it. 

There are four kinds of light sources for writing table lamps: incandescent lamp, halogen lamp, fluorescent lamp and led. Each of the three types of light sources has its own advantages and disadvantages. Different people may like the light color and brightness of different light sources, which should be suitable for different people. In order to project most of the light onto the desktop, the light source of writing table lamp is usually installed horizontally or downward. The flower shaped table lamps are suitable for children, it is durable and looks so beautiful.

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In the purchase of writing table lamp, in addition to checking its optical performance, should also check whether other performance is qualified: one pull, two adjust, three shake, four touch. "Pull" refers to pull the power cord plug out of the socket and pull the power cord to the outside of the lamp chamber to see whether the power line is firmly connected. The power cord should not fall out of the lamp chamber. "Adjustment" refers to the adjustment of various working positions of the table lamp. When adjusting, no sound can be made. After adjustment, the working position should be easily and reliably locked. "Shaking" refers to adjusting the lamp to the most unfavorable working position, and then gently shaking the lamp plane to see whether it is easy to overturn. If the lamp is not stable, it is easy to overturn. "Touch" refers to touching the lamp shade and other heating parts which are easy to be touched when using after lighting the lamp for a period of time (2 hours), so as to prevent accidental scalding in the future.

Lighting angle and range of table lamp: in the purchase of table lamp, you must check the light problem of table lamp. In the normal sitting posture of human body, the light should keep level with the line of sight of people, and should not make the light direct to the eyes. The illumination range of light should be in the whole working area. It should not be too scattered or too concentrated. The illumination of the light should be consistent, and it should not be dark, bright or flashing constantly. We have provide animal themed table lamps and other shaped table lamps. If you interesting in our table lamps, welcome to inquiry and order directly.

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