How to match the chandelier and dale chihuly glass

How to match the chandelier and dale chihuly glass

First, all kinds of Dale chihuly glass for sale collocation skills:

1. The classical Chinese art chandelier is bright and neat, suitable for installation in the hallway area. In the door, the bright light feeling gives a person with warm and cheerful atmosphere, it should be noted that: the specifications and style of lamps and lanterns should be matched with the living room. Also, if you want to highlight screens and decorations, add spotlights.

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2, dining-room lamp is satisfying basic illume while, what pay attention to more is the emotional appeal that builds a kind of dine, foil the atmosphere that occupy the home of warmth, romance, accordingly, should choose warm color as far as possible, the lamp source that can adjust brightness.

3, white simple bedroom chandelier can make the mood calm down, relax the body, so as to get a good rest.

Two, how to choose the chandelier? What aspects should we start with?

1, the hanging height of the living room chandelier design should pay attention to, product height design as far as possible not less than 2.2 meters.

2, after the surface of the chandelier processing to electroplating, painting and other processes, these production processes play a key role in the quality of the product surface, when buying can check the adhesion of the surface, whether there are bad phenomena on the hardware surface.

3, chandelier hardware surface defect inspection. Check whether the hardware surface has blackened, rusted, scratched, less paint, paint, paint leakage, paint flow, dirt and other defects affecting the quality of the product; Check whether there is color difference in the collocation of the chandelier; Check hardware parts carefully for deformation, burrs, etc.

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4. Check the original parts of the chandelier. A lot of chandeliers are made of iron, and the product has strong electrical conductivity. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the safety of part of the chandelier when buying the chandelier.

5, when buying the chandelier, it is best to buy the chandelier that can be installed with energy saving lamp light source or own, and try not to choose the chandelier with electric plating. The chandelier with electric plating decoration is easy to oxidize and fall in daily use, which affects the beauty of the product.

6, choose brand manufacturers. The quality of droplight relates to the normal use of droplight, even the convenience of life, it is good to choose the product of normal and professional manufacturer. Keep the purchase voucher to ensure that you can enjoy the future after-sales service.

Because the pattern and style of the chandelier are now widely used in lamps and lanterns, so it has become the first choice of many friends, but the selection is also a technology, it is not easy to choose the chandelier with beautiful appearance and good quality and also in line with their own home decoration style, so the owners should carefully select.