How about led eye protection table lamp

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How about led eye protection table lamp?

Abstract: "eye protection table lamp" is mainly composed of lamp cap and lamp. The lamp holder is usually made up of light source with good light quality (such as tricolor fluorescent lamp tube). The lamp cover can improve the uniformity of light distribution, reduce or reduce glare, and stable electronic components. So, what is the specific effect of LED eye protection lamp? Let's have a look.

Table lamp is generally used in reading, writing, design, marking and other office or learning lighting places. For those who do desktop work, ensuring a good visual environment in the work area is of great benefit to improving the quality of study and office work, improving work efficiency and protecting health. In the place where table lamp is used, if the illuminance of lamp is low and the color rendering is poor, it will lead to visual fatigue of the reader, and the long-term flicker or glare of the light will cause serious damage to the visual nervous system, so special attention should be paid to the quality of lighting. Only by fully analyzing the characteristics of lighting and selecting appropriate lamps and lanterns, can we make our study and work more comfortable and happy, and make our life more colorful. From the perspective of satisfying human lighting comfort and health, and considering energy conservation.

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LED eye protection table lamp advantage:

(1) Environmental protection: no pollution, no ultraviolet, no infrared and no thermal radiation;

(2) Low energy consumption design, 150 hours of power consumption only once, table lamp in the case of adequate lighting, the smaller the better; the light source made by semiconductor technology has high photoelectric conversion efficiency, so that the power you provide can be turned into light to the maximum extent;

(3) Long life light source, no need to change the light bulb for 10 years, which is 100 times of the ordinary light bulb;

(4) The luminescence source does not contain toxic heavy metals such as tungsten and mercury. Semiconductor light source does not have tungsten filament in incandescent lamp and mercury in fluorescent lamp and energy-saving lamp;

(5) Safety. 12V low voltage DC power supply; no easily broken glass parts, to ensure the safety of users. 36V is the minimum voltage that the human body can feel, and the power supply less than 36V is safe for human body. It doesn't even need 3C certification. DC power supply, put an end to the electromagnetic radiation pollution of high frequency alternating current.

LED eye protection table lamp disadvantage:

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(1) The quality is uneven, the threshold of LED industry entry is low, the quality of various LED chips varies greatly, and ordinary consumers can not distinguish, so the market is relatively chaotic;

(2) In the initial stage, LED lighting is mainly used in large-scale landscape lighting, not suitable for high eye environment;

(3) The intensity of blue light is high, the harm of blue light is strong, and the eyes are easily injured;

(4) Monochromatic light source, chromatogram is too narrow, will affect the optic nerve of the eye, easy to fatigue;

(5) Led small lamp beads, after a few years of use, will slowly wear and tear and can not be replaced, easy to cause the entire table lamp scrap;

(6) Color temperature is more than 5000K, pure white is very bright, more dazzling;

(7) Led eye protection lamps with poor workmanship will produce slight stroboscopic and radiation;

(8) Generally, the life of adapter is shorter than that of LED, and the transformer is easier.