How to choose lamps for different age groups?

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How to choose bedroom lamps for different age groups?

The bedroom is a place for people to rest, and the choice of lamps and lanterns is also closely related to people's health. Too bright light easily makes people restless, and it is not easy to fall asleep. If it is too dark, the lighting will not be enough, which will affect the leisure activities. What kind of light is good for the bedroom? How to choose bedroom lamps? What is the difference in the demand for lamps and lanterns among people of different ages? Old people, children and young people have different needs for lamps and lanterns, so don't be silly and confused and affect the health of their families.

一、Lighting selection in children's bedroom

Lamp shape: Children's room can choose with lovely cartoon pattern of lamps, the color is relatively bright, used to create a relaxed, childlike sense of light, to develop children's imagination, stimulate children's interest in learning.

Lamp light: it is also very important to choose the light of lamps and lanterns. Lamps that are conducive to children's vision health can protect children's vision. Lamps with too strong light will cause certain damage to children's vision.

Lighting requirements: for school-age children, an eye protection table lamp is essential. The desk lamp without stroboscopic flash and uniform brightness can better become a good partner for children when learning. 

Recommended items: ceiling lamp, eye protection table lamp, etc.

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二、Choice of lighting for young people's bedroom

Lamp shape: young people pursue personality, even bedroom lamps are no exception, to reflect their own taste everywhere, so the selection range is relatively wide. On the whole, it has active and bright colors, and the unique shape design makes the lamps and lanterns more popular.

Lamps and lanterns light: when choosing lamps and lanterns in the bedroom of young people, the requirements for light and brightness are not much, but the warm yellow light gives people a warm feeling, which is a good choice.

Lighting requirements: the main lamp can be selected according to the size of the bedroom ceiling lamp or chandelier, in order to facilitate reading before bedtime, bedside table lamp or floor lamp can be used as auxiliary lighting.

Recommended items: blown glass chandelier, modern nordic chandelier, floor lamp, table lamp, etc.

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三、Choice of bedroom lamps for the elderly

Lamp shape: the old people's living habits are simple and quiet. In the choice of bedroom lamps, there is no need to have more personality. Practical lamps and lanterns with simple and generous shapes are the choice of most elderly people.

Lighting: as the eyesight of the elderly is no longer the same as before, it is more suitable to choose lamps with stronger brightness. LED energy-saving lamp is a good choice, both energy-saving brightness and enough.

Lighting requirements: the elderly have the habit of getting up at night. Night lights can be installed in the elder's room. The light of night lights should be relatively dark, which does not affect the rest at night, but can also play a role in lighting.

Recommended lamps: traditional chandeliers, ceiling lamp and wall lamp, etc.