How to match and choose the chandelier

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How to match and choose the chandelier

Nowadays, the chandelier is an indispensable decoration in modern home life. The fashionable and beautiful shape is very in line with the modern home decoration style. Although the chandelier shape style has many, but the choice time or should adapt to the home decoration style. So how should the chandelier match? How to choose the shape of chandelier?

一、 Matching skills of various chandeliers:

1. Crystal Chinese style art chandelier, bright and tidy, suitable for installation in the foyer area. At the entrance, the bright light gives people a warm and pleasant atmosphere. It should be noted that the specification and style of lamps and lanterns should be matched with the living room. In addition, if you want to highlight screens and decorations, you need to add spotlights.

2. While meeting the basic lighting requirements, dining room lights pay more attention to creating a dining atmosphere and setting off a warm and romantic home atmosphere. Therefore, we should try our best to choose the light source with warm color and adjustable brightness.

3. White simple bedroom chandelier can let the mood calm down, relax the body, so as to get a good rest.

Many chandeliers are suitable for the living room. There are many kinds of chandeliers in lighting, such as European candlestick chandelier, Chinese chandelier, crystal chandelier, blown glass chandeliers, fashion chandelier, modern led crystal chandelier, etc. There are two kinds of chandeliers for living room: single head chandelier and multi head chandelier. The former is mostly used in bedroom dining room, and the latter is suitable for installation in living room.

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二、 How to buy chandelier? What should we start with?

1. Hang the height of the living room chandelier design should pay attention to, product height design as far as possible not less than 2.2 meters.

2. After the chandelier is processed and shaped, the surface must be treated by electroplating, painting and other processes. These production processes play a key role in the surface quality of the products. When purchasing, you can check the adhesion of the surface and whether there are bad phenomena on the hardware surface.

3. Inspect the hardware surface defects of chandelier. Check whether the hardware surface has blackening, rust, scratch, less paint, paint off, paint leakage, paint flow, dirt and other defects affecting product quality; check whether there is color difference in the matching of chandeliers; carefully check whether the hardware parts have deformation, burr, etc.

4. Check the original parts of chandelier. Many chandeliers are made of iron with strong electrical conductivity. Therefore, consumers should pay attention to the safety of electric parts of chandeliers when they buy them.

5. When buying chandeliers, you can install energy-saving light source or self-contained chandeliers, and try not to choose the chandeliers with Electrode-posited coatings. The chandeliers decorated with electroplated coatings are easy to oxidize and fall in daily use, affecting the beauty of the products.

In a word, the hand blown glass chandelier is your good choose. We major in providing profuse design of blown glass chandeliers, decorative crystal lighting and Murano glass arts with abundant experience.

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