What is the style of nordic chandelier

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What is the style of Nordic chandelier

Nordic style decoration, because of its simplicity and elegance, is loved by more and more young consumers, and Nordic style lamps and lanterns continue the characteristics of Nordic style decoration. So how to match the northern European style lamps and lanterns? Let's take a look at the characteristics and collocation knowledge of Nordic style lamps.

一、Characteristics of lamps and lanterns of Nordic style

1. This kind of modern Nordic chandelier always give us the impression that they are simple and generous, and have elegant and luxurious space aesthetic feeling. There are numerous designs in the style. What needs to be noted is that the materials are not the comparison of European style lamps. The most important thing is the aesthetic feeling, viewing degree, adaptability and whether it can better express the style of the house.

2. We can also see the manufacturing characteristics of northern European lamps and lanterns. Few people have ever understood this aspect. In fact, the production of lamps and lanterns in northern Europe is to cold-rolled the steel pipe, bend it manually to form the desired shape, and then need to polish, finalize, and then plug and wash, and finally form a desired radian before coloring it.

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二、Northern European style lamp collocation

1、Classic design

The lighting lightens our everyday life. Although its existence is often ignored, it actually plays a vital role in interior design style.

Although the chandelier products with classic shape will not be too eye-catching, it will give people a very comfortable feeling when they are used for a long time.

The classic design is rooted in the user's life, beautiful and simple, and will never make users feel bored.

2、Classic modern style Chandelier

Suitable for living room and dining room lighting. Because the shape is simple, it can be matched with any style.

The same applies to rooms that live alone. With the black chandelier, the room that too insipid infuses change.

3、Simple small chandelier

This characteristics of the modern minimalist chandelier is small size, simple color and shape, but small size can deduce a simple and aesthetic space design style.

As shown in the figure, adjust the length of the light line to show the dynamic space and create a unique space impression 

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Choose black lamp, let interior design appear relaxed have degree. Create a mature atmosphere.

Choose a classic chandelier, so that it can be integrated into everyday life, beautiful, simple, never let you have a sense of boredom. Start a new life by changing the lighting, try changing the style of the room or changing the mood!