Which are the indoor LED lights

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Which are the indoor LED lights

LED lamp, because of its high luminous efficiency, energy saving, long service life and other advantages, has gradually become the mainstream lighting source in the market. A variety of indoor lighting lamps take LED lamp as the main light source, such as LED ceiling lamp, LED bulb, LED panel light, LED tube and so on. So, which are the indoor LED lights? How to choose LED lighting?

一、Led ceiling lamp

The top of the ceiling lamp is relatively flat, and the bottom is completely attached to the ceiling during installation, which is the main indoor lighting lamp. The light source of ceiling lamp includes incandescent lamp, fluorescent lamp, halogen tungsten lamp, led and so on. At present, led ceiling lamp with high luminous efficiency and low power consumption is more popular in the market.

Applicable space: LED ceiling lamp for living room, bedroom, or balcony, study lamp.

Key points of purchase: according to the lighting area, choose the size of LED ceiling lamp. Generally speaking, if the living area is less than 10 square meters, the ceiling lamp with diameter less than 45 cm is selected; for 10-20 square meters, the diameter is about 60 cm; for 20-30 square meters, the diameter is about 80 cm.

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二、LED bulb

As one of the substitutes of traditional incandescent lamp, LED bulb not only saves energy and power, but also has a long service life, which has become the mainstream lighting source. In addition to the common U-shaped bulb, ball bulb, there are candle bulb, flying saucer lamp and other styles.

Applicable space: LED bulb is suitable for indoor lighting in small space, such as rental room, kitchen and bathroom, etc.

Key points of purchase: LED bulb specifications are divided into E27, E14 and B22 according to the lamp holder. When purchasing, you should first understand the type of lamp holder interface; the power of LED bulb is generally about 2w-15w, and it depends on the specific space type, such as 3-5m2 kitchen space, suitable for 8-13w LED bulb.

三、LED panel light

LED panel light, also known as LED flat lamp, is generally directly installed on the integrated ceiling. It is beautiful, simple and practical. It has the advantages of energy saving, environmental protection, dust prevention, anti-static, light transmittance and light stability. It is widely used in home decoration.

Applicable space: LED panel lamp is generally used in kitchen, toilet or office commercial space.

Key points of purchase: LED panel light can be customized according to the area structure and design style of family kitchen and bathroom; the panel material is mainly aluminum gusset plate, which is simple and generous in shape, and more durable in moisture and rust prevention.

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四、LED tube

LED lamp, also known as LED fluorescent lamp, is brighter than incandescent lamp, and has a variety of shapes, such as U-shaped, D-shaped, T8, T5 lamps. Because of the advantages of LED light source, the integrated lamp tube support is also born. The lamp tubes can even be connected seamlessly with joints.

Applicable space: LED lamp is widely used in home, office, factory and classroom.

Key points of purchase: the heat accumulation of LED lamp not only affects the electro-optical performance of LED, but also may eventually lead to LED failure. Therefore, when choosing LED lamp tube, we should consider the advantages and disadvantages of LED chip material and its current limit parameter range, as well as its heat dissipation performance.